The Elementalist: Grand Masquerade (Book IV)

No one has seen or heard from Voi Román, accused of collaborating with the Haran and plotting the The Breakout that let hundreds of mental patients loose on streets across the West. The catastrophic events that took place shortly thereafter were explained away by the League as “coordinated acts of illusion and terrorism.” Though, with the mysterious silhouettes of masquerade masks being graffitied onto buildings lately along with posters of Voi masked as Aeronetti, her former barnstorming personality, spreading the message, “See past The Masque…”

…Some remain skeptical.

The League encourages citizens to report sightings of potential rogue emelesiacs to authorities—for such “Rogues” were exposed during The Breakout to the contraband ambrosia: a drug believed to trigger “extreme psychosis” in emelesiacs especially.  A list of suspected individuals with the rare condition has been released to aid in the tedious search for Rogues. Posters with photographs of the League’s most wanted emelesiacs—including “Aeronetti”—have also been dispersed throughout metropolitan areas. Still, many have long since gone into hiding, drawing out the search for well over a year.

A mandated curfew and houseraids by authorities has many citizens on edge. However, everything changes when a cryptic radio announcement gets broadcasted internationally, and a troupe of masked vigilantes emerges using guerilla tactics to thwart the League’s attempts at supressing the truth about emelesiacs. Their captivating, spontaneous street acts lure public interest before quickly dispersing, blending in with the crowd to avoid authorities; there are rumors that their proproganda is spread throughout speakeasies, secretly recruiting those with proven faith in their cause. “See past the Grand Masquerade,” they announce over the radio, “for the enemy is in plain sight. Fear not The Masqued—for we are the suppressed, the used, the gifted…

“Aeronetti lives.”

The Elementalist: Grand Masquerade is the fourth novel of the dieselpunk fantasy series The Elementalist, harkening an amalgamation of the golden age of The League of Nations, globe-trotting aviators, and majestic luxury airships in the world of Element 7—where a connection with the natural elements is a tangible thing, the power of the mind knows no bounds, and the governing of such forces becomes a cause worth fighting for.

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