The Elementalist: Asylum (Book III)

After a controversial attempt to dissolve an all-out war between League forces and South Darmoil, Voi Román has been placed on probation with temporary house arrest in Borellia under strict observation by Sector One agents. Passing the time, she turns to the institution-like confines of her fiancé’s mansion and investigates the mysterious past of Captain Andre Neverri’s first wife: an emelesiac named Gemma said to have gone insane. Finding a way into the woman’s locked quarters, Voi uncovers clues hinting at some disturbing facts about the emelesiac’s past.

When Andre discovers Voi snooping around his home, he takes her by surprise and authorizes a visit to Gemma at a privately-owned asylum. Despite a seemingly euphoric countenance, the woman secretly passes Voi a cryptic message that smacks all-too-loudly of not just a cry for help but also a larger conspiracy against emelesiacs at play. With unexpected help from an estranged friend, Voi slips past Andre and the Sector One agents monitoring her. Together, she and her reunited ally set out to investigate the troubling implications behind Gemma’s message, as her Aunt Clara in Apexia may also be at risk.

Problem is the only way to truly know what’s going on inside the asylums is from within, and the Sector One agents they managed to elude are sure to follow.  Hellbent on getting answers and escpaing the agents, Voi sets about her craziest plan yet: claiming sanctuary and admitting herself into the Landon County Asylum just outside of Chandra City. However, things go terribly wrong when Voi is seperated from her only connection to the outside world, and she finds herself in the hands of an unlikely enemey.  Drugged into a state of unconsciousness, Voi awakes to a nightmare at the mercy of an ice pick and a hammer—the telltale tools of a lobotomist…

Can Voi escape an almost certain and cruel fate, or has her morbid curiosity ensured a bitter end?

The Elementalist: Asylum (TEASLUM) is the third novel of the dieselpunk fantasy series The Elementalist, harkening back to the golden age of the League of Nations, globe-trotting aviators, and majestic luxury airships in the world of Element 7—where a connection with the natural elements is a tangible thing, the power of the mind knows no bounds, and the governing of such forces becomes a cause worth fighting for.

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Status: brainstorming preliminary scene ideas. (Number of scenes currently planned: 17.)

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