The Concubine’s Daughter (Zoya’s Tale #1)

Born to a concubine of the emperor’s court, Zoya should not have existed. After all, shadow agents lurked in the palace, thwarting the emperor’s every calculated move—including his progeny. Yet somehow, in a dark conspiracy to rid the emperor of any possible heirs to the throne, Zoya’s mother had managed to escape. Zoya herself was never to reign as an heir, however, simply being the daughter of one of the emperor’s most beautiful, exotic playmates. Still, her mixed blood meant only potential war with those who sought purity and independence from a foreign dynasty.

His Imperial Majesty was a feared man of shamanistic power and endless wealth with plans to ally his growing empire with foreigners from the West. Luckily, Zoya was also blessed by the all-seeing god Ko, gaining the gift of clairvoyance. Because of this, the emperor sought to preserve her life, disguising her as a humble court servant—a scribe to sit at the Chosen leader’s right hand. Many have tried to end the emperor’s life and failed, so they instead resorted to those next in his line of succession and those he held dear.

The enemy almost won…almost. Now, all Koya had to do was survive.

The Concubine’s Daughter is a young adult novel depicting the tale of Zoya, a character from The Elementalist series. (More information forthcoming!)

Status: pending.