Hello World!

I like that WordPress made that title of the first post, so I’m keeping it.

So… I broke down and made a blog on WordPress.  And, after I get some opinions on the new site, I may soon purchase a domain in my name–aaaah!  I have to be honest: I feel like I’m experiencing a blogger identity crisis.  It’s scary.  “Whaaaa?  I can’t use my name as a website name; that’s crazy!  Then everyone will absolutely know it’s me doing the blogging (despite the fact that I put my name and picture in it anyways)!”


Much ado about nothing, I know.  I used to have a pseudonym of sorts: “yoyopogo,” or simply “yoyo.”  It was kind of nice.

Anyway, I’ve been ogling WordPress ever since I first laid eyes on it…about two weeks after I published my first real “writer’s” post on Blogger. -__- I was immediately jealous of those who had WordPress but thought it’d be too much change if I just upped and switched all of a sudden.

…However, I’m loving the simplicity of this particular blog theme (Bueno!), and I think I could catch onto WordPress fairly quickly.  It’s a new look that’s closer to my design ideals, and simplicity–believe it or not–is one of them.  Also, this style is much easier on the eyes.  As fellow blogger Jay Noel pointed out, black backgrounds may be dramatic but also pretty harsh on the eyes.

So, then, why not change the background on Blogger and be done with it, right?

*mumbles things*

I don’t know… I think I’d like to stick with WordPress.


Would anyone be mad at me for doing so?  I hope not.  I hate making big changes, but this place is really lovely!  (It also forces me to customize a little less, which means I have less room to make stupid design decisions, heh.)

Now, if I could just figure out how to get the “follower” widgets onto here…and if I don’t lose followers, heh, then this one may just be a keeper.  I don’t know, what do you think?


Blogger Identity Crisis

>So, thanks to Mr. Jay Noel and his comment about black backgrounds (:P), I am experiencing what I shall call a Blogger Identity Crisis.  It’s quite scary.

Here’s the deal: About two weeks after I created this blog, I learned about WordPress.

Now, immediately I was in love with it.  The simplicity and look of it… I know, looks are superficial, but it’s just so lovely!  I really, really wanted to migrate my blog over there but thought it would be very finicky of me to do so, having just finished creating this one.

But now I’ve done the impulsive thing and went over and explored WordPress a bit more…and I love it.

I feel like a traitor.  I’m betraying Blogger.  Still, I want to complete the migration, but only if

  1. you all won’t mind, and
  2. I won’t lose any readers.

Granted, I only have about six or so regulars, heh, but I value you all the same–which means I very much value your opinions.

So, here’s what I’m proposing: I’ll let you go check out the freshly-created site I propose to move this joint to and then await your opinions on whether you think I should migrate or not.

Is it silly that I’m even telling you all of this and not just making the switch?  I hope not.  I just don’t like being impulsive, so I want to know if others think this is a good idea or not.

So what do you think?  Should I buy the new blog look, or does it make my butt look big?