The Guild

Set 700 years before the events of The Elementalist during a medieval-inspired era in the world of Element 7, The Guild tells the story of the signing of the Treaty of Du Mon, leading to the creation of the League.  It details the feats of a war-weary knight at a time when an unprecedented era of peace seems imminent.  However, the knight soon catches wind of dissent and ill-intent from some of the League’s new allies as well as rumors of an occult secret society in the works.

Disbelieving the hearsay, the League’s head council members ignore the knight’s warnings. To make matters worse, a spectre of a woman claiming to be Saint Helene appears to him, warning that the lives of the council members are in danger. Suddenly, the knight finds himself working without the League’s blessing to expose a sinister plot to assassinate the leaders of the newly-formed alliance. However, when others come forward with supporting evidence to his claims—including a blind woman with a talent for predicting the future, a mysterious traveler from a faraway land, and a troublesome teenage kleptomaniac with a knack for setting things on fire—the knight realizes he is not quite as alone as he once believed…

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Status: brainstorming and fleshing out concept.