The Elementalist: Rise of Hara (Book I)

The Elementalist: Rise of Hara (TEROH) is the first installment of a dieselpunk dark fantasy series.

Harken back to the golden ages of the League of Nations, globe-trotting aviators, and majestic luxury airships as you explore metaphysical phenomena such as telepathy and telekinesis in the world of Element 7. Here, a connection with the elements is a tangible thing, the power of the mind knows no bounds, and the politics of such forces may just be a cause worth conspiring—if not dying—for.

The Elementalist: Rise of Hara | The Chandra Tribune

To save her life, she would have to risk it.

All her life, aviatrix Voi Román believed she had emelesia: a rare, incurable condition which would soon require lifelong treatments at a mental asylum. However, when an alluring government agent named Ron Callahan shows up on her doorstep offering a “cure” in exchange for committing espionage, Voi must either accept an institutionalized life…or risk her life so that one day, she can be free.

Running on her last drop of optimism, Voi is coerced into accepting Agent Callahan’s offer in hopes of learning more about her condition, which appears to be more mystical than he initially lets on. The agent himself proves equally mysterious, demonstrating a knack for investigating Voi’s troubled past and an uncanny ability to predict her whereabouts.

In a quest to conquer emelesia while helping Agent Callahan ferret out a latent terrorist cell tied to the Haran, a foreign liberation movement, Voi is swept into a whirlwind of occult pseudoscience, experimental technology, aerial espionage, and international intrigue. As the secrecy surrounding emelesia entangles itself with the quandary of the Haran, can Voi maneuver through a maddening array of politics and still come out alive—let alone sane?

Status: notating changes I plan to make on my manuscript based on feedback from beta readers. For a sneak-peek of the story and characters, check out my “8 Sentence Sunday” snippets! Or check out my YouTube videos below.

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