The Elementalist: Revolutionary (Book II)

Haran extremists have declared war on the League alliance and its supporters. The majestic Darmoilen capital of Durge faces a coup attempt, and the diplomatic port city of Tahili is taken by revolutionaries in the south. Rumor has it that the Haran are searching for a relic of legendary power: aetheric crystals from a long-lost cave in Darmoil. The League has never heard of such a cave, though a captive Borellian double agent claims to have answers and is willing to share them…for a price.

Working at the League Special Archives in Borellia now as a researcher and archivist, it isn’t long before retired aviatrix Voi Román is approached by a Sector One agent with a daunting assignment: verifying the double agent’s claims about the lost crystal cave. Suddenly finding herself analyzing ancient illustrations and occult texts for clues, Voi never imagined that her abbreviated art history education might be called upon during a time of war.

Meanwhile, the Borellian government has enlisted the services of Voi’s fiancé, Captain Andre Neverri, for a top-secret project. Months later, an old Apexian Intelligence contact reaches out to Voi using unconventional means to quietly investigate why League forces have started gathering in Darmoil’s Sha Badam Desert. However, when Andre also contacts Voi requesting recommendations for fearless aeroplane pilots, she realizes she must tread carefully if she plans on helping her contact—for Andre’s project, funded by the League, may hold the answers she seeks and yet he has every intention of keeping his future bride out of the Haran’s Revolutionary War.

She’d think it romantic if it weren’t so infuriating! Oh well. So much for retirement…or a wedding.

The Elementalist: Revolutionary (TEREV) is the second novel of the dieselpunk fantasy series The Elementalist, harkening back to the golden age of the League of Nations, globe-trotting aviators, and majestic luxury airships in the world of Element 7—where a connection with the natural elements is a tangible thing, the power of the mind knows no bounds, and the governing of such forces becomes a cause worth fighting for.

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Status: brainstorming scene ideas while I wrap up my first book. (Number of scenes currently planned: 45.)

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