The Elementalist: Revolutionary (Book II)

The Elementalist: Revolutionary - The Chandra Tribune

“In a war between split loyalties,
defiance was just the beginning.”

Haran revolutionaries have declared war on the League alliance, and rumor has it that operatives are searching for an object of legendary power: divine aetheric crystals from a long-lost cave in Darmoil. The League has never heard of such a thing, though a captive double agent with valuable insights is left with no choice but to expose her knowledge to a harrowing interrogator.

Working as a research librarian at Borellia’s Special Archives now, it isn’t long before retired aviatrix and budding elementalist Voi Román is approached by the League with a daunting assignment: verifying the double agent’s intelligence. While analyzing ancient manuscripts and occult illustrations to predict the Haran’s next big move, Voi uncovers some intriguing information about a historic saint that could help solve the mystery of the lost cave.

After months without word, clairvoyant Agent Ron “Ronny” Callahan of the Apexian Intelligence Agency contacts Voi in an unusual way, wondering why Borellian forces have suddenly arrived in the Sha Badam Desert—away from the Haran conflict. However, when the Borellian Military Intelligence’s Captain Andre Neverri propositions Voi to recruit pilots who can validate her research, she considers leaking tangential information about Andre’s top-secret project to Ronny, as she suspects the Borellians may have ulterior motives that could compromise the League’s new alliance with Darmoil.

As Voi’s shifting role in the Haran’s Revolutionary War becomes increasingly obscure and farther removed from Borellian society, what’s a librarian in the city to do? Oh well, so much for retirement…

The Elementalist: Revolutionary (TEREV) is the second installment of the dieselpunk dark fantasy series.

Harken back to the golden ages of the League of Nations, globe-trotting aviators, and majestic luxury airships while exploring metaphysical phenomena such as telepathy and telekinesis in the world of Element 7. Here, a connection with the elements is a tangible thing, the power of the mind knows no bounds, and the politics of such forces may just be a cause worth conspiring—if not dying—for.

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Status: figured out the main plot points, and a good number of minor ones, via index cards and voice recordings. (I know. I should do a blog post about this one day.) Chapter 1 is written. The rest is on hold until I finish revisions and edits on Book I.)