Element 7

About the Series:

Element 7 is a collection of epic fantasy stories in a world where people can use elemental magic and psychic abilities, among other things.

The Elementalist

The first series, The Elementalist, will be set in a dieselpunk world inspired by a mishmash of elements from the turn of the twentieth century up to the early 1940s–replete with airships, primitive (and one not-so-primitive) planes, increasingly fringe theories about a most mysterious thing called the “aether”…even a League of Nations-type organization!

Think “Amelia Earhart-as-spy conspiracy theory meets Avatar/The Legend of Korra,” basically, but with totally new characters in a totally new world.

The Elementalist: Rise of Hara (Book I)
The Elementalist: Revolutionary (Book II)
The Elementalist: Asylum (Book III)

The Elementalist: Grand Masquerade (Book IV)
The Elementalist: Aetherion (Book V)

I’m also planning on writing a prequel novel called The Mentalist: Rogue Agency, telling the story of Agent Ron Callahan and the betrayal of double agent Kyra Feruupa. (A short story about these two characters can be found here.)

Element 7

The second series , Element 7, will be inspired by life during the later Hellenistic period and have more of a “classic” fantasy feel, following the events of the Trysteese Genocide and the War of Ages as well as the story of Saint Helene before she is sainted—all of which are referenced in The Elementalist.

The Guild

The third series, The Guild, will fall between the first two and is inspired by a medieval-like era, following the events of a war-weary knight who is guided by what he believes to be the spectre of Saint Helene as he sets out to expose a sinister plot to assassinate the leaders of the newly-established alliance known as the League. (This could remain a standalone novel rather than a series.)

How It All Started

This project first started as an exercise in worldbuilding and character development (in that order), and the first series is now largely focused on the transformation of Voi’s character in particular then later, in the second series, that of a saintly historic figure named Helene, who also has an affinity with air.  But rest assured: there is plenty of outlandish adventure to be had! (Read more about my writing journey here.)