The Elementalist: Rise of Hara (Element 7 Book I; WIP – editing)

Flash Fiction

  1. Betrayal (876 words) – this one is actually set in the same world as my novel series, Element 7.
  2. Mmm…Thought So.” (225 words) – this snippet is also set in the same world of Element 7, an idea for a scene in my fourth novel, The Elementalist: Grand Masquerade.
  3. Face the Chasm (100 words) – a silly, fanciful micro piece and perhaps one of my most “complete” stories.
  4. Heart of Rosalina (100 words) – a Lara Croft-inspired piece.
  5. Juego con Los Muertos/”Game with the Dead” (200 words) – inspired by the holiday Dia de los Muertos (link to an article by a local journalist here in Arizona).
  6. Just There (100 words) – based on a true story about a surrealistic encounter with a skateboarder; experiment with spacing.
  7. Pelecanus Colossus (100 words) – uh…need I say more?
  8. Seduction (100 words) – romance with a fantasy twist.
  9. The Encounter (100 words) – another Lara Croft-inspired piece.
  10. The Road (99 words) – spooky fantasy–mwa-ha-ha!
  11. The Sneezing Tangle (100 words) – another silly fantasy piece.
  12. The Tree of Duality (100 words) – plays with the Tree of Life idea.
  13. Two Doors (100 words) – something unexpected; I promise!