Back Again + Latest Obsessions

Hi, there! It’s been a while, but here I am. I was looking back at my progress bar here for editing my WIP The Elementalist: Rise of Hara and decided today’s a good day to resume getting closer to the 100% mark. So another scene gets edited today. That’s the goal.

Life has got me all over the place lately (my living room is currently filled with 8 vintage chairs that could use some reupholstering; more on that another day), but even in my seemingly inactive period (as far as the WIP goes), I’ve actually been thinking quite a bit about the novel. In the middle of pondering pensive music and just not doing anything in particular, I’ve been able to solve a lingering plot issue that just hasn’t been sitting right with me plus came up with a handful of ideas to continue the story for my next two novels. Music has proven to be very inspirational for me during my downtime.

Funny how that works.

Speaking of music…let’s talk about some of my latest Netflix obsessions, shall we?Read More »


Back On The Saddle…Sorta

…So to speak.

But First–Some Wicked-Cool Inspiration

‘K, am I the only one wiggin’ out about how completely awesome the new Avatar show has been so far?  The battles are epic, the foes are worthy, and the (element) bending…


The music is also gooooooorgeous.  And epic.  And as much as I love it, I also secretly envy it because it has most of the traits I want my WIP to have.

[Insert Witty Title Here]

When I’m watching & listening to the soundtrack for “The Legend of Korra” (LoK) TV series, I can’t help but think of Element 7.  It shares similar themes with LoK and, now that the show is mostly set in a 1920s/30s Shanghai-kinda city, also a few similar aesthetics here and there.  Seeing this show done so well actually makes me feel bad about neglecting my own work–because ultimately I want to see it also at its absolute best and for others to see it, too.

I want it to be epic, I want it to be lovely and, most of all, I want it to be darn good.

Not that it means it’ll sell to traditional publishers even if it were all of these things…but it’s what I’ve always aspired to.  And sometimes that can be overwhelming.

Back On The Saddle…Sorta

After the Accident, I wasn’t doing any editing for about two weeks.  Though, over the past few days I have been able to get something done, so I guess it’s a start.  I need to do it every day, though, to get it done this summer (before my birthday in mid-August would be nice).  Recently I came up against another tricky scene in which I was unsure how to describe certain technology being used, so I had to go back and do some research–which slows things down.

You see, sometimes I seriously wonder how I’ll pull off certain scenes, lol.  I get like, “AH! OMG, too hard!” *runs-n-hides* I hadn’t run into a scene like that for a while…  Anyway, I think I’ve smoothed over that hitch now, so hopefully it’ll be easier to find a regular rhythm (and some confidence in what I’m doing) again.

Though actually, when I look back at what I have spiffed up, I’m really happy with about 90-ish percent of it–like giddily happy.  It’s just getting the rest of the manuscript to that point that’s so gosh-darn difficult.


A Thought

One good thing I can say about working on a story for this long, though, is that it allows you to think about it over time in many different ways…in layers.  All the dead time in between is an opportunity to see something you wouldn’t have otherwise, to make connections you previously overlooked and weave a tighter, more resonant and cohesive narrative… In other words, it allows you to really flesh things out and explore things deeply.

I’m a pretty meditative, analytical kind of person, so I like being able to do this.  Though, I’m also a bit of a perfectionist–which could end up being my Achilles’ heel if I don’t finish this thing at all.

Anyways…hopefully–if I get my act together, lol–I’ll be able to share this beast-of-a story with my first readers in a couple of months and they’ll understand exactly what I’ve been up to all this time.

*sighs* Yeah…that would be nice.

In the meantime, I’ll stop talking about it, heh.

So What Do You All Think?

Go ahead, be brutal.  After all, I probably don’t know where you live. 😉

Wordle, Childhood Wonders & More!

Hey, all!  I hope everyone had a good Easter Sunday. 🙂

‘K, so to be honest…I really don’t have much to say this week.  Like nothing is coming to me. -__- I feel like my brain is everywhere and nowhere all at once.

How is that possible?

‘K, I Got Something…

I think. <_<

Speculative Fiction Novel = Literary Mishmash of Childhood Wonders

Have you ever worked on a project where you felt like you pretty much just dumped everything that ever fascinated you when you were younger into one big story?

I kinda feel that way about Element 7.

The other day I was reflecting on the things I’ve chosen to put into this story and I wondered to myself, “Why?”  I hadn’t realized before just how many individual elements I’d decided to mix together.  It kinda boggles the mind.  Check out the word soup, yeah?


I just made a Wordle ’cause it was fun, lol.

Anyway, I think all this stuff actually ended up in the same story because, well, they’re all things that have fascinated me growing up.  So let’s just hope it all works out in the end, heh.

What kind of “cool” things do you have in your current writing project?

And “cool”, of course, is entirely subjective to your own personal definition.  I don’t expect everyone to agree that Platonic Solids are cool, though I certainly think they are!

I kinda think of these things as the little candies or treats that keep me writing/editing/whatevs; they’re a real pleasure to indulge in every now and then.  And what better way to indulge in the fascinations of life than to write, or better yet speculate, about them?

Introducing…Athena Voltaire!

This isn’t exactly “writing” stuff (more like inspiration), but…yesterday I was trying to hunt down this movie that, several years back, I saw either a trailer of or movie stills for (at least I thought I did) which involved either a Chinese or Japanese spy around the WWII era (I know! I can’t remember which)…and she was wearing this pilot helmet, and…that’s all I remember.

Not much to go on, I know.  That’s why I couldn’t find it!  (If it even exists.)

But that’s okay–because I accidentally came across something infinitely more amazing!

She’s a pilot, she’s handy with a pistol, she can kick some Nazi butt… Who is this chick?

Introducing: Athena Voltaire!

Athena Voltaire started out as an online web comic which, after earning a nomination for an Eisner Award and becoming a big success, carried over into print (available here).  In the creator Steve Bryant‘s own words during a Critical Mess interview in 2010, “Athena Voltaire is a book about a 1930s globetrotting aviatrix who fights Nazis and supernatural creatures. That’s the book in a nutshell.”  It was inspired by the likes of James Bond and Indiana Jones, as well as the real-life aviatrix Florence Lowe “Poncho” Barnes, and is described as a pulp adventure.  (Originally she was to be a space ranger, though I, for one, am glad for the change.)

Seriously, what’s not to love!  (Okay, she is portrayed as an obvious feast-for-the(-male)-eyes with a cleavacious 36-24-36 figure, but the concept is cool enough that I can get over this.)

You can check out some of the comics here (just click the images to progress through the story).  To learn more about the comics and the illustrator, check out these interviews on Westfield Comics and The Mighty Crusaders Network, as well as Bryant’s own blog.  (Interested but don’t feel like reading?  Well, check out this MTV Geek! video interview with Bryant instead.)

Lastly, here is a teaser video for Athena Voltaire: Flight of the Falcon when it first came out in ’06:

And if you really love it, you can even “like” it on Facebook. 🙂

In The Meantime…

I should get back to editing.  Though, coming across this while working on a rough spot in the manuscript was pretty inspirational.  A reminder of the kind of thing I’m working towards: good, old-fashioned adventurous fun.  Complemented by moments of introspective character study, of course.  I enjoy a bit of both.  (I also came across some really cool information about earlier aircraft models as well as modern-day fixed-wing VTOL aircraft, but…I won’t go into that.)

How About You All?

Have you come across anything recently that has inspired you with ideas or just provided that bit extra motivation you needed to push through something that wasn’t working out?

The Adventures of Philip Marlowe!

Since Anthony asked about this earlier, I figured I’d just make a quick post about it!  (Easier to find on the site than a comment on a post, heh.)

You may have heard of writer Raymond Chandler’s famous character before, Philip Marlowe–a hardboiled, wisecracking private eye.  Several movies have been made featuring this character, including The Big Sleep (1946) with Humphrey Bogart as Marlowe and a later adaptation The Long Goodbye (1973) featuring Elliott Gould, as well as some TV and radio adaptations.

Lots of radio adaptations.

I’ve only seen a couple of the movies like The Long Goodbye and listened to a handful of the radio episodes, particularly the ones voiced by Gerald Mohr.  (I admit, I have a weakness for his voice! lol)  Though, they were very entertaining and I’ve very much derived inspiration from them.

Anyway, if you’re into film noir and detective pulp adventures, then you should definitely check out some of the radio episodes from The Adventures of Philip Marlowe on the Internet Archive.  They’ve got a pretty big collection there and you can listen to them and even download some onto your MP3 player!

Great for a listen while you’re stuck commuting in traffic. 😉

Now, how about a movie trailer?