img_20140622_201204-2Fantasy writer T.M. (Tiyana Marie) White prefers her fiction unconventional—filled with larger-than-life characters, outrageous adventure, parapsychological abilities, and references to outmoded historical concepts and contraptions—thank you very much!

Born in Akron, OH, she has since migrated to the desert land of Arizona, where she’s spent the majority of her life developing a peculiar obsession with elemental magic, ESP, dieselpunk, espionage and, more recently, whiskey (in no particular order of importance).

A graduate from Northern Arizona University, Tiyana puts her interior design degree to use as an entrepreneur and visual merchandiser.  Her design background colors her writing, giving her the strength of “a real feeling of place and atmosphere,” as put by a fellow writer.

One day, Tiyana will have the first novel in her dieselpunk series project, The Elementalist, published.  In the meantime, she invites fantasy and dieselpunk lovers alike to subscribe and follow her editing woes and inspiration-gathering adventures here at The Chandra Tribune.

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