Fantasy writer Tiyana Marie (T. M.) White has spent the better part of her adult life developing a peculiar fascination with elemental magic, ESP, espionage, dieselpunk, and more recently, whiskey. Currently, she is finessing her first novel The Elementalist: Rise of Hara, the first in an epic spy fantasy series.

Tiyana was inspired to create her own world after discovering Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender as well as the wonderful Ile-Rien stories by Martha Wells. A graduate of Northern Arizona University, Tiyana puts her interior design degree to use as an entrepreneur and a home furnishings visual merchandiser. Her design background also influences her writing, giving her the strength of “a real feeling of place and atmosphere” as put by a fellow writer. Meanwhile, Tiyana chronicles her writing adventures, story snippets, and progress on her projects at The Chandra Tribune: a blog named after a fictional newspaper in The Elementalist series.