I Did a Thing: My Author Newsletter + Other News

You guys, I did a thing today: I officially launched an author newsletter, and anything that has to do with the actual release of a new novel from me will be in it.

Reasons to Join My Newsletter (a.k.a. ‘The Club’)

If you’re already subscribed to this blog, you might be wondering, “Why would I need to subscribe to your newsletter? Won’t you be sharing the same things that I see on the blog?”

Well technically, you don’t need to do either—I won’t be holding the virtual gun to your head or threatening to have you sleepin’ with the fishes…this time—but you’re reading this for a reason (or two, or three…) and I actually won’t be sharing the same things on my newsletter as I will on the blog. One of the reasons you’ve been following me might include living to see the day that I finally publish my novel—in which case you might be highly interested in my newsletter over my blog, you see.

Why? Here’s why:

  • My newsletter will exclusively share snippets and full-length chapters from my novel beyond the typical previews you find on Amazon along with other cool exclusive-y content; my blog will not. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
  • My newsletter will give you the chance to read my book for free before the rest of the world because you like the idea of writing perfectly honest reviews about them; my blog will not. (Serious fans only!)
  • My newsletter self might solicit your opinion on things like, “Which book description sounds more exciting/interesting?” My blog self will not.
  • My newsletter will definitely let you peek at book cover designs before everyone else and give you access to special giveaways; my blog will make you wait a bit longer and have more limited giveaway opportunities. (Meanie!)
  • My newsletter will alert you whenever there’s a special promotion for my novels; my blog will just assume that you’re already obsessively checking my sales page(s) for these things when they go up.
  • My newsletter is basically like a sexy VIP speakeasy with 21st-century e-cigars and legal whiskey; the only thing required is your soul a secret password (a.k.a. an email address and name). I mean my blog is cool, too, but everyoneย hangs out there. Y’all are too hip to be square now.
  • Basically, my blog will continue to bemoan my writerly struggles—such as how I’ve been reworking the ending of my novel for like 2 weeks straight now; my newsletter will make it sound like I’m a #winning professional.

Not convincing enough? That’s alright, there’s still the good old blog. ๐Ÿ˜‰ As for the rest of you believers…I got a pretty ochre button for you to get clicky-clicky with:




You can also subscribe to “The Club” later by visiting the blog and checking out the top-ish right corner of the page below my blog name—y’know, in case you have a change of heart and come to realize how desperately you need to see me publish The Perpetual Novelย plus have the opportunity to yell at me via email until I do so. (I’m kidding about that last part, mostly.)

Why I’m Creating a Newsletter Now (As Opposed to, Like, Later)

In addition to the reasons listed above, my primary reason for creating a newsletter is to find and connect specifically with people who are interested in reading my novel when it’s published and released. I’m sure a lot of my blog followers also fall under this category, which is why I’m announcing it here today. (Got to get this party started somehow!) However, some folks who stumble upon my blog may be interested in my thoughts about writing, but they may not necessarily have an interest in my actual stories. Also, things that I post on my blog tend to be done so on a whimsy, so I wanted a more focused and intentional approach to connecting with potential fans—hence the need for exclusive content.

That being said, I intend to keep posting things about general writing stuff (i.e. “a day in the life of a would-be writer”) on the blog, whereas the newsletter will focus on building excitement about the release of my books as well as sharing other content related to mine that my followers might also be interested in (book and other media recommendations, for example). My goal is to amass as many subscribers to the newsletter as I can before I’m ready to publish. That way, when the book release does come along, I’ve already got a decent-sized audience who’s excited to grabby-grabby support it and make for an exciting and (more) successful book launch.

Basically, it’s a form of marketing and one of the most important no/low-cost tools an author has at their disposal—if not the most important.

A lot of successful authors swear by the importance of having an author newsletter, so I’m going to adopt that attitude and start putting it to good use. When things get rolling, should you choose to subscribe, feel free to let me know if I suck or if you’d like to see anything in particular! I’m bound to make some mistakes, so you early subscribers get to be my guinea pigs. (How exciting!) Also, I definitely won’t be adding the whole pop-up “sign up for my newsletter even though I’m totally blocking that article you haven’t finished reading yet!” window to the blog because honestly, I’ve always found that annoying, and we ain’t about that life here, o-kay? (You’re welcome.)

…And this is the part I return to wrestling my book’s last chapters into submission. #authorgoals

Are you subscribed to an author newsletter or running one yourself?

What do you like about the author newsletters that you’re currently subscribed to? Whatย don’t you like? Do you find that having a newsletter has helped you as an author?

Let me know in the comments!


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