New Website Design (a.k.a. Nothing to See Here…)

In case anyone is wondering, yes: I’m playing around with a new website design. Going for something simple, clean, and easy to read. In other words, a better design. (I disliked how my last theme wouldn’t let me change the text color over the background image, which made it difficult to read. I could have removed the image, but I still wanted something graphic to show; the old theme didn’t look very good with a header image.)

Eventually, my home page will be a static page instead of the blog, but that won’t be happening for several months, I’m sure. In the meantime, don’t be alarmed.

Nothing to see here…


6 thoughts on “New Website Design (a.k.a. Nothing to See Here…)

  1. Oh, I like the new look!
    And I agree with you on the choice of a static homepage. I have one myself and I’m very happy I did it, though it did take a ton of work, since I had to work all the feature images I didn’t have.
    Can’t wait to see the end result 🙂


    • Thanks, Sarah! I figured I’d finish my revisions first. Then I can start looking legit. 😉 Hoping to get some custom art down the road for the header if/when I go indie, buuuut…I’m still researching stuff before I make a decision, so that won’t be for a while.


  2. Website make overs are always good to do. I have always gone by the 2 to 3 rule. Basically, you should update the look of your website every 2 to 3 years to stay current. I know mine is coming up on the 2nd year pretty soon.


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