Writing Vlog #2: Planning a (Fantasy) Series

Today is the day Tiyana explains how she actually sat down and thought about the future of her fantasy series…

…after 10 years of working on the first novel, heh.


I’m amazed at how much my brain can come up with simply by listening to music. (A lot of this I actually talked about in the “goals” portion of my last blog post, so this may be a little redundant for blog readers. However, if you like videos more than text, then voilà!)

How do you plan for a novel series?

If you’re working on one, that is. 🙂 (Or have worked on in the past.)


2 thoughts on “Writing Vlog #2: Planning a (Fantasy) Series

  1. One book at a time? I’ve never written a series, but I’ve always had plans to, depending on what happened with the first book. I make notes, and ideas come up while I write the first one. I just make sure the ending is open enough that more could happen, and also hopefully have an idea of the ending for the series (not so much what’s in between).


    • Good answer! 😉

      Sometimes I wish I could see the ending of a story before I get to it so I don’t have to tinker around with it as much. Yet even when I’m reading someone else’s story, I find I don’t really want to try and see that far ahead! Kinda ruins the reading experience for me. :/ (Or writing experience, when I’m writing the story.)

      I’d probably be a bad mystery writer, haha.


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