10 Dieselpunk or Diesel-Era Action/Adventure Movies & TV Shows (Part I)

I’ll try to make this one quick, but in a nutshell…let’s talk movies and TV shows.

…Dieselpunk or diesel-era-inspired ones, that is!


Any kind of story that is set in or inspired by the early 1900s almost always catches my interest, so today I thought I’d share some of my favorite action and adventure movies and TV shows that fall under this category.

Hope you enjoy!

Have you seen any of these movies or TV shows before?

If so, what did you think about them?  Which of these is your favorite?  Which is you least favorite?

I’d probably have to say The Mummy (1999) is my favorite on this list. I’ve seriously watched it more times than I can keep track of. (My protagonist Voi from The Elementalist: Rise of Hara was somewhat inspired by Evelyn Carnahan, the loveable-but-klutzy Egyptologist and librarian heroine from this movie, after all.  So there you go.)

I don’t really celebrate holidays much anymore, but for those who do, I hope you have a Happy Holiday(s)!


4 thoughts on “10 Dieselpunk or Diesel-Era Action/Adventure Movies & TV Shows (Part I)

  1. I really liked Hugo. I saw it and immediately knew I had to see it again with my mother, because of all the stuff about the early days of movies (she was in her late 90s and remembered when movies were an incredibly new and exciting medium).

    The first time I saw it was in a theater and it made really good use of 3D. I was somewhat annoyed that it looked like Chloe Moretz’s character was only there to be the sidekick, and it was so cool that she had her own destiny to follow at the end, just like Hugo.

    I enjoyed The Golden Compass, but I think you’re right that they attempted to fit too much in. It’s often a problem in movie adaptations when they’re too reverent towards the source material.

    (I’ve read that Pullman wanted Nicole Kidman to play Mrs. Coulter, and you can see why. She was perfect for the role. Writers never have any say in casting, but it’s cool that it worked out this time.)


    • Hugo was fun in 3D. 🙂 Not all movies really benefit from going that route, but this one did, for sure!

      I love seeing Nicole Kidman in more villainous roles. ^_^ Glad Pullman’s choice won out!


  2. That was a fantastic roundup of movies. A few of them, I’ve never heard of. Quite a few, I’ve seen myself.

    I’ve seen The Mummy and,yeah… it’s fun, but just that 😉
    Agent Carter… I have contrasting feelings about it. I watched the entire first series and I was very involved while watching it, I really wanted to see what would happen next. But after the series ended and I started thinking about it, I found so many plot holes in it that it kind of spoiled my enjoyment of it.

    Miss Fisher’s Mysteries was the contrary. I started watching thinking it would be a light, uninvolving series, instead it was very good. I haven’t finished to see the first season yet, but I really really enjoyed it. Miss Fisher is a more complicated character than one would think.

    The Golden Compass was a very different movie. I appreciated the originality in it, but I had a storng feeling that, after watching it, I didn’t ahve all I needed to understand the story and the plot. I suppose this comes from fitting in too much details from the books… which is still not enough to give a complete idea of that world.

    Will you do more of these? I really enjoyed it 🙂


    • Hi, Sarah! Of course! I’m planning to do a few more, at least. Maybe some for movies and comics, as well. ^_^

      I admit: the Mummy isn’t really an exceptional movie when it comes down to it. I can’t really tell you why I find it so amusing, haha. (I guess I like cheesy stuff every now and then.) Anyway, thanks for sharing your views!

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