What is Dieselpunk?

What is dieselpunk, exactly? If you’ve been following my blog, then you’ve probably heard me talk about dieselpunk before. (After all, my WIP is a dieselpunk story.) I’ve even written another article about it, though that was a few years ago.

Well, the other day I decided to make a video explaining what mean when I use the term dieselpunk.

What is Dieselpunk?


Though young, there is a growing community of enthusiasts who are positively gung-ho about this cultural phenomenon. (Just take a look at dieselpunks.org!) I think I may have a slightly broader outlook on the definition of this movement than others, but essentially, dieselpunk is both a sub-genre and aesthetic drawing inspiration from early 20th-century aesthetics, attitudes, ideas, technology, etc. that applies a more contemporary outlook using speculative and/or anachronistic elements. In the video, I explain some of the staples of dieselpunk and also share some examples of what it looks like in movies, books, video games, and comics.

For other great takes on what makes dieselpunk unique, check out these links below:

Novel Update

So. Technically, I finished the edits I was working on–that is, revisions to the plot, inconsistencies in details and characterization…that sort of thing. This is exciting, but I realized that while making these revisions, I also left the manuscript open to more obvious though minor errors like leaving out a word here or there or trying to cram too much into one sentence instead of splitting it into two.

In light of this, I decided I need to do a quick run-through of the manuscript and read it aloud to myself to help me find these kinds of blunders and correct them. It will make for less distractions during the beta reader process. I started this last week, and…well, it’s funny what you’ll catch using this method.

As much as I’d like to claim “I’m done!” with this novel, I think I owe this much to beta readers.

Also, since the holidays are coming up, now isn’t really a good time to be approaching people anyway saying, “Hey, can you read my 200,000-word novel in between parties and dinners with your friends and family sometime between Halloween and Christmas?” It’s better to make these quick fixes now and wait until after the New Year for beta reading, in my opinion.

Start the year off right!

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for you today. I’ll check in again soon!


13 thoughts on “What is Dieselpunk?

  1. Yeah…Sounds like a good plan! Then the beta readers can give it their full attention…we have waited 10 years, a couple of months won’t make that big of difference…:)

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  2. Never really understood dielselpunk before, especially as related to steampunk.

    Movies? The Shadow, I guess. 1930s, as I remember, very stylish, some supernatural and futuristic elements. What about League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? That’s right at the beginning of the 20th century, so it might be borderline.

    I’ve never been tempted to go that far back in my own writing. Certainly not any time in the 20th century — maybe for fear that my mother , my most attentive reader, would have pointed out things I’d got wrong. 🙂

    My stuff is set in a sort of alternate late 1970s, so the same idea, in a way, but more recent. Maybe “punkpunk”? 🙂


    • I’ve seen people refer to The Shadow before when it comes to dieselpunk. Haven’t watched it myself, but that just makes me want to check it out more now! You’re right about The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. It’s one of those weird ones on the boundary of both… People like to debate that one, heh.

      I don’t really talk explicitly about this in the video, but what I like about both dieselpunk and steampunk is that they don’t *have* to be set in our world to still qualify–which is great for me because I don’t want no stinkin’ history telling me what I can/can’t have in my novel. 😉 I’m still very much inspired/driven by it, however, and I’m sure I’ll manage to screw something up that will cause debate among the hard-core history buffs holding me to what is/isn’t “dieselpunk.” Good times!

      Punkpunk, ha! That sums that up, I suppose. 🙂


  3. Great video, Tyiana, really enjoyed it. I think you cats made a very good job of it 😉

    Hey, I’m not the fastest reader, but I’d be happy to beta read your novel… as long as you don’t need it read in one month 😉

    Are you preparing a video for the International Dieselpunk Day on 12th November? I’m hard press with NaNoWriMo going on, but I’m trying to squeeze a post in.


    • Glad you enjoyed it! I’m thinking I might make another video to go into more detail about what dieselpunk looks like. Don’t know if I’ll be able to get to it in time for International Dieselpunk Day, though. We’ll see.

      I’d be honored to have you as a beta reader, Sarah! I don’t mind slow reading; I know all about that, haha. Also, I’m not in a hurry to get feedback. I’m thinking I’ll wait until after the New Year for the beta reading process. I’ll let you know for certain when that time rolls around.

      I hope your NaNo project has been going well so far! 😀

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