Back Again + Latest Obsessions

Hi, there! It’s been a while, but here I am. I was looking back at my progress bar here for editing my WIP The Elementalist: Rise of Hara and decided today’s a good day to resume getting closer to the 100% mark. So another scene gets edited today. That’s the goal.

Life has got me all over the place lately (my living room is currently filled with 8 vintage chairs that could use some reupholstering; more on that another day), but even in my seemingly inactive period (as far as the WIP goes), I’ve actually been thinking quite a bit about the novel. In the middle of pondering pensive music and just not doing anything in particular, I’ve been able to solve a lingering plot issue that just hasn’t been sitting right with me plus came up with a handful of ideas to continue the story for my next two novels. Music has proven to be very inspirational for me during my downtime.

Funny how that works.

Speaking of music…let’s talk about some of my latest Netflix obsessions, shall we?

Penny Dreadful

If you’ve not heard of this TV series, well, it’s not for everyone but I must say it’s very well done. It’s disturbing and mature yet also thoughtful and artful and plays on the idea of the Penny Dreadful literature from 19th Century Great Britain. Characters of old such as Dr. Frakenstein and Van Helsing are brought to life with an interesting twist. Though, the story is largely about a troubled clairvoyant named Vanessa St. Ives, played by the bewitching Eva Green.

Ms. Ives is being psychologically preyed upon by a powerful demon. Worse, there are other demons who are real and are attacking British citizens on the streets, committing heinous acts of murder. Along with various characters including an American gunslinger with a dark secret, a British explorer of questionable morality and Dr. Frankenstein himself (with troubles of his own), Ms. Ives sets out to fight the demons both within and without.

Penny Dreadful is a pretty dark show, but it’s good and has a great soundtrack, to boot–one I’ve started listening to for inspiration on my WIP. (I’ve also been listening to the score for the latest rendition of Jane Eyre along with some Max Richter.) Anyway, this series plays with the idea of not only battling actual demons in the flesh but also the metaphorical ones each character must deal with on  a personal level. They’re all seeking redemption in their own way and must give each other the strength to continue fighting even when winning seems impossible.

Also, just learned Season 3 was released on Netflix two days ago! Guess what I’ll be watching next week?


A five-part miniseries set during WWI in Ireland just as the Easter Rising begins, Rebellion is a historical story of a group of fictional characters who dare to defy the powers-that-be to help bring Ireland to a state of independence from the British Empire. It’s a tale of bravery, warfare, forbidden romance, and defiance with hints of espionage sprinkled in–something that drew me to it, no doubt! It’s filmed in English with a strong cast of actors, including some leading ladies who do a great job, I think. Definitely something to check out if you’re into period dramas.

Anyhow, that’s just some of what I’ve been into most recently. 🙂 I’m also looking forward to the return of Agents of Shield on Monday. (Cheesy, I know, but I love it. ^_^) Can’t wait!

What have you been inspired by lately?

Anything been getting your creative juices flowing more so than usual? Have you seen Penny Dreadful or Rebellion? Share your thoughts!


6 thoughts on “Back Again + Latest Obsessions

  1. Hey there! So good to see you back! And great to hear you’re going back to your WIP 😉

    I’ve heard good things about Penny Dreadful, though I’ve never seen it myself. Don’t know whether I can get it here in Italy, though.
    But what about Rebellion?? I need to see that!

    I’m once again polishing my first novel and putting it out there, though in a more thoughful way. I mean, I’m not going to send it all over the place, I’m more trying to find good places to send it to.
    I’m also working on a new project, 1920s again, but here in Europe (Weimar Berlin), so you can see why I’m intereted in Rebellion. I’m reading about WWI at the moment, and although the Easter Rising won’t have a direct impact on the story, it will have a part.

    So I hope you’ll keep showing up! Welcome back! 🙂


  2. I don’t know what it’s inspired (apart from recurring daydreams about D’Artagnan), but if we’re talking soundtrack obsessions, I’ve been spending a lot of time looping the score from “The Man in the Iron Mask” lately. Have yet to watch “Penny Dreadful”, though I’ve heard good things. ^^


    • Hi, Danielle! Good to hear from you, as well. 😀

      Oh, that was a pretty dramatic movie… I don’t even remember what it was about, haha, but that I recall. I’ll have to listen to the soundtrack sometime!


  3. Hey Tiyana!

    Good to read you are back at work on your WIP. I know when I was working full time, finding time to write was a major challenge. In the end, I moved to poetry. So I can empathize with the difficulty.

    My favorite theme music are the themes for Inspector Morse, Murdoch Mysteries, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Midsomer Murders, and Star Trek Voyager. The soundtracks for Murdoch Mysteries and Miss Fisher are pretty awesome too.

    Hope you can make time to finish up your WIP!


    • Hey, CW! Sounds like a great list of themes you’ve got there. 😀 I adore Miss Fisher and her adventures. I should get back to watching that series on Netflix!

      I talk a little about this in my next post, but I’m really looking forward to setting the biz aside for a bit so I can make good on this story. 🙂


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