8 Sentence Sunday #5: The Aethercraft

For this week’s “8 Sentence Sunday,” I wanted to share one of Voi’s big, exciting moments in my WIP. It’s probably the most “dieselpunk-y” of my snippets so far.

As a pilot, Voi gets to fly a very experimental plane known as the “aethercraft” that was designed by her newest employer, Captain Neverri. After the basic mechanics of this craft are explained to Voi while they stand in a hangar, the captain reveals it to her for the first time.

This is what she sees.

The Snippet

No one spoke as Voi drew near to examine the machine.  She found herself holding her breath in reverence; surely Colonel Snipes was correct in comparing it to one of Ramboit’s controversial abstract masterpieces.

Its polished metallic body was exceptionally streamlined and much flatter than that of an ordinary plane.  A gentle bulge ran along the length of its almost nonexistent fuselage, which was smoothly riveted to conjoin with its swept-back wings so as to seem comprised entirely of wings.  Here, within this bulge, was also a cockpit enclosed by a clear canopy—perhaps an acrylic construct, Voi guessed, knowing the captain’s penchant for innovation.

Propped up low on its landing gear, the aerocraft reminded Voi of a slick, thin manta ray—like the ones her mother used to take her to see at the Aquiriem du Habour Tuccila in Tryste as a girl.  So sinuously crafted were the wings that Voi was very much left with the striking impression of a work of art…if she dared venture that far in her opinion of a metal aerocraft.

Well, the captain certainly has an eye for aesthetics.

What do you think?

What kind of aerocraft does it look like Voi is getting ready to fly? Can you tell some things that might be different in Voi’s world as compared to our own? Also, is there anything new you can infer about Voi’s character–her attitudes, beliefs and such? (I feel like I’m writing a lesson plan or something, haha.)


7 thoughts on “8 Sentence Sunday #5: The Aethercraft

  1. Another very nice snippet 🙂

    Well, it reminds me a lot of the Stealth Aircraft, though I think this one is more… artistic.

    Things that might be different in Voi’s world? I don’t think I’d be able to say from this excerpt, but as for her, while so far I’ve had the impression of a fighter more that anything, here I get a glimps of a more refine, even more sensitive soul, involved with art and nature. Though I can’t say I can infer more than this. I mean, I wouldn’t be able to say what her beliefs are from the few snippets I’ve read so far.
    But if you need to know more, just ask and I’ll see whether there’s more I can say 🙂


    • Hey, Sarah! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      I suppose I’m just interested to see how people are interpreting Voi’s character and the world she lives in. Not necessarily looking for anything in particular. 🙂 Art and nature are definitely important to Voi, though, so I’m glad this is coming through! Out of curiosity, what gave you the impression of Voi being a fighter (more in the literal sense, or just her personality)?

      Also, you could say the aethercraft is similar to a WWII stealth plane. It’s a “flying wing,” though that term doesn’t really exist in her world, heh.


  2. My impression is that Voi is a fighter in terms of personality and I think this comes from her attitude toward others. At least, what I’ve seen so far. She seems so tend to antagonse the others.

    Well, maybe this is my impression because so far I’ve only read snippets where she meets new people, but seems to me as she tends to draw a line between ‘me’ and ‘them’, which I think is designed to protect herslef, but of course, the mere existance of a need for protecting themselves creats a natural sense of antagonism and so a willingness to fight.

    Just my impression 😉


    • Interesting! Funnily enough, I think that’s actually a very accurate description of Voi, though I’ve never looked at her quite that way before, heh.

      Thanks for sharing!


  3. I read something like this, and I wonder why there aren’t any really cool vehicles in my stuff…

    Then I remember that in my stuff everybody basically walks everywhere. Sigh.

    Seriously, this reminds me of the mantas in Piers Anthony’s books. Those were aliens, not vehicles, but it’s all about how cool that shape is.

    Does it change its shape as it flies? That would be a difference between this world and ours.


    • LoL, those pesky pedestrians. 😉

      I don’t think I’ve ever read that author before. I’m curious to look him up now.

      Unfortunately, the plane doesn’t change shape as it flies, though that’d be cool! I guess there isn’t really much in the snippet that would suggest differences in Voi’s world, just the level of tech they have and (made-up) locations, heh.


      • Well, my recommendation for the books of Piers Anthony is very limited. I did like Omnivore, the book with the mantas. He’s written about 1.25 bazillion others, which I don’t vouch for. Caveat lector.


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