8 Sentence Sunday #4: Introducing Captain Andre Neverri

Every writer has their favorite characters, and ideally you’d think it’d be the main protagonists in their stories. As much as I love Voi, I’m afraid I love one of her employers even more. (That’s gotta be some sort of writerly sin!)

Captain Andre Neverri

Ah, Captain Andre Neverri…where to begin…

Aeronautical engineer, airship navigator, former air guard captain, pirate hunter and war hero, entrepreneur, multi-millionaire, gentleman inventor, expert on aetheric mechanics, and knife-throwing enthusiast…

Well, what isn’t this man capable of, dammit!

Ronny hates him, Milia can’t stand him and even Voi has her doubts about the man. Though, at the end of the day, in the middle of a crisis, Captain Neverri is probably someone you want on your side. He does have a reputation, however, for being a queer lone bachelor who keeps a crazy wife locked up in the attic (or local institution, in his case)… Though, *ehem* I digress.

Prolific resume aside, he’s a bit of a headache, to be honest, though that’s just my opinion. I’ll let you be the judge.

Below is a snippet showing the first time both Voi and Milia meet Andre. They were walking into a room full of men who were supposed to be working. Everyone is somewhat oblivious to their surroundings, as they’re all engaged in various conversations and activities.


The Snippet

Without warning, an object came soaring through the air.

Voi froze instinctively, though Milia dodged more quickly than Voi could process.  A blink of the eye later, she realized Milia was holding a combat knife in her hand, hilt clutched at eye level.

Male voices cried out at first in appraisal, apparently thinking the knife would hit the center of the target board pasted on the wall behind the ladies.  Their cheers, however, were cut short as Milia slowly directed her gaze towards them, seeking out the owner of the deadly projectile.

Every wide-eyed soul in the room turned to the lone man sitting at the drafting desk some distance away.

“Whoops!” he declared blithely, tossing his hands into the air.  “Looks like you walked right into our little game!”

What were your first impressions of Andre?

And was it just a little bit absurd that Milia caught a flying knife mid-air? (Hint: the answer should tell you that there’s a lot more to Milia beneath her diplomatic title of “special envoy.”)


8 thoughts on “8 Sentence Sunday #4: Introducing Captain Andre Neverri

  1. Hey, that was fun!
    There isn’t much about Captain Andre, at least not specifically about him, but I really like his stepping into the scene. It gives me the impression of a vulcanic man who isn’t scared by anything.

    Milia’s catching the knife midair… uhm… I’d say it is a bit too much, but really I should know more about her. If there is a good explanation for it, I won’t have a probem 😉

    What? You mean loving a character who’s not your MC is a writer’s sin? Then I’m doom. I love ALL of my characters 😦
    But my two MC (Blood and Michael) are the ones I love the most, am I safe then? 🙂


    • Vulcanic is definitely an apt description, lol, as would be intrepid. And Milia’s a bit of a freak of nature, but I don’t want to entirely spoil her role just yet. 😉 Hopefully people buy into it when the time comes, heh.

      Yeah, I think you’re safe to love Blood and Michael the most. 😛

      I guess with the whole “character I love most” deal I feel like the main protagonist should be the most interesting–and while I find Voi interesting, I find Andre even *more* interesting to write about. Idk, maybe that’s not really an issue, but I feel that’s what’s generally expected. Not sure why, now that I think about it…just one of those things.


      • Uhm… I’d say there are characters I’m more fond of, mostly because – how can I say it? They just happened. I never expected them to become importanta characters, but they did, all by themselves, and so I become strangely attached to them, if you know what I mean.

        That’s what happened with Matt, my troublemaker. When I wrote him into the story, he was just one of the jazz players, I didn’t have any idea, let alone a role for him. He was just there when Blood and Michael started working in the speakeasy and they met the stuff. Then I though, ok, these are people who work in a place where acohol is readily available in a society where alcohol is banned. Is it possible that none of them developed a problem with alcohol?
        Of course the answer was, sure, at least one has a problem. I just randomly chose Matt because I had given him a name during the introductions.
        Then I though, fine, given Michael’s background, he’ll sure have issues with this guy. And that’s where one of the most involving parts of the story was born and I never planned it 🙂


        • Yes! That’s exactly what happened with the captain. I had no idea who I wanted him to be. I was just completely rehauling a very boring, jumbled chapter(s) and he just kinda burst onto the scene, saving the day, becoming a very important member of the team.

          So funny because I really think he believes that’s his true purpose in life. 😉

          Odd how these kinds of things happen when you’re writing!


  2. “Every writer has their favorite characters, and ideally you’d think it’d be the main protagonists in their stories.”

    It’s good to resist this. Jay and Silent Bob — wonderful in Kein Smith’s early films. A whole J&SB movie was not a great idea, though. Would you really want a whole movie about C-3PO and R2-D2?

    That being said, I’m sort of flouting this rule myself — a trio who hae been popular in a couple of my stories are now much more prominent in what I’m writing now. We’ll see how it works out.


      • Well, as I say, I’m kind of breaking the “rule” myself right now, so obviously I take my own rules about as seriously as I take anybody else’s. 🙂

        Funny that this email popped up right now, as I was just writing your name. I’m sort of stealing the “Seven Sentence Sunday” idea, and I’m putting a link to your blog (credit where credit is due, after all).


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