8 Sentence Sunday #1: Introducing Voi Román

Since I’ve gotten back into blogging and editing and whatnot, I’ve come to realize that my blog here still has been gathering a good deal of new followers! Needless to say, this was only all the more reason to get back into the groove of writing (and editing).

One new writer I’ve met (so to speak) since coming back to the blogosphere is Sarah from The Old Shelter, who also writes dieselpunk fiction and is working on a trilogy, as well. In visiting her blog, I’ve learned about a series over at Dieselpunks.org called “8 Sentence Sunday” in which writers are encouraged to share snippets from their finished works or WIPs and get a little feedback.

Sounds pretty swell to me!

I think this would be a fun way to help get me back to my writing happy place on the regular, so I’m going to try this and see how it goes. 🙂

The following is actually a snippet from the first novel in my Element 7 series, which I’ve decided to call The Elementalist: Rise of Hara. Here, we get to meet the main protagonist Voi for the first time. Voi Román is an aviatrix with a rare genetic condition that she suffers from–or so she believes! Hint-hint: it has something to do with that fantasy element I keep mentioning. 😉 (Check out my updated blurb for a more detailed summary about the plot, if you’re interested.)

Anyway, without further ado…my 8 Sentence Sunday entry! (You’ll see where I’m getting the new name for my blog from, as well.)




It was 8:37 sunrise and Voi soaked alone in her clawfoot tub, avoiding her meds, with a morning copy of The Chandra Tribune propped open.  An autumn breeze drifted in through the awning window, gently encouraging the jasmine-scented steam rising from the tub.  The telephone clanged repetitively from a faraway place—Voi’s sitting room, actually—though she paid it little mind.

Rather, she folded the newspaper and set it aside on a nearby stool, flexed her fingers and toes then slipped deeper into the bathwater with an earnest sigh, keeping her head aloft.  She shuddered as she closed her newsprint-assaulted eyes, momentarily forgetting AeroTaxi’s financial woes, the Tribune and the troublesome world it reported.


4 thoughts on “8 Sentence Sunday #1: Introducing Voi Román

  1. Hey, I like this introduction! I get the sense of a very strong-willed woman, one that does things her own way, no matter what.

    I hope the 8 Sentence Sunday will be useful for you. I has been for me and also a great fun 🙂


    • Hi, Sarah! Thanks for reading. 🙂 Oh yes, Voi is a very independent person and isn’t afraid to speak her mind!

      Yeah, I’m definitely interested to see what people have to say. When I was part of a writing group (no longer) some people made observations of things I hardly thought to consider, so I found that very useful.


  2. Good beginning. Intriguing, without dumping a bunch of facts. Just enough to be interesting. I’m trying to do that with my current story — letting readers discover only gradually that both main characters are not quite “normal.”

    (I would have used the serial comma in the last sentence, but that’s me.)

    I just made a note to myself that I need to write more, or any, scenes in bathtubs.


    • Hey, Anthony. Thanks for the feedback!

      Haha, I had to look up serial comma; didn’t know that was the same as Oxford! LoL

      Yeah, I could see using one in that sentence. I was probably debating that at one point.


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