Breaking The Ice

So having reviewed some of the older scenes I edited months ago and getting back into my story, I was able to edit a new one today. Tonight’s a lazy night, too, so I might be able to get one more done. Sure feels good to be able to change the color and update my progress bar. 🙂

Color Wheel(I cycle to the next color on the (six) color wheel each time I make progress, one color for one scene. So for example, if I’m on yellow and get two scenes edited, I skip green and go to blue. (The colors I can choose from go the other direction/clockwise on the progress bar generator I use, so it makes more sense there.))

After 8 months of no progress at all…I’ll take what I can get!

It’s a start, anyway.


3 thoughts on “Breaking The Ice

  1. Awesome 🙂 Sometimes it can really help to just read the whole thing over from front to back to get a sense for the story and where it’s going, and a feel for what you have and how far it is from what you want. Good luck on making more progress with revisions!


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