Finding Time for The Novel

Well, folks, it certainly hasn’t been easy, finding time to work on the ol’ WIP.  Most times I fail, but I’m starting to see a slither of sunlight through thick grey clouds.

A Morning Writer with No Mornings

I have determined that, even going in to work at 7:30am rather than 6am, there’s no way I can motivate myself to get up early enough to put some editing and writing time in before my day begins.  Yes, I write better in the mornings but like 7am-10am morning, not 5am.

It’s just not going to happen.

Other Time

Just recently I wrapped up a bunch of research and presentation materials I was putting together for a new interior design project.  There may be a handyman/electrician and custom cabinetry involved, which will be a first for me since starting my own business.  In any case, it’s taken more time than I expected to consider all aspects of this particular project and getting my ducks all lined up to come up with an affordable solution for my client…but the legwork is finally done.

Now, when I come home from the day job at the furniture store, I actually have time, and energy, to work on the novel.

The reality, I’ve come to accept, is that if I have a design project in the works, there’s simply no way I’ll be able to dedicate time and energy to Element 7.  I basically work whenever I get a free moment–around the clock–to get a project done as fast yet as thoroughly as possible.

I just sent off my presentation materials last night via email, as my client likes to look at everything that way before meeting and discussing what she’d like to do.  So this morning I was able to sit at my computer and edit another chapter.

It felt really good.

Homesick for E7

I’ve missed the story.  I think about it all the time.  And lately, my boyfriend (God bless his soul) has been reading two chapters at a time and giving his first impressions, on top of his equally busy life… (This is the guy who is also a writer and had started a story about Tesla and Amelia Earhart time-traveling.) It’s been really nice being able to talk about my story with someone who seems to get it–or is at least interested in it.  Though, soon enough I’ll run out of chapters to send him if I don’t get back to editing!

So yeah, I’m happy to be sitting here dedicating time to Element 7, even if it’s only a couple of chapters.  I’ll do what I can to continue working on it, but it’s going to be pretty sporadic.  I am living with my parents and sister, so I don’t have the full responsibilities that come with being an adult (besides paying for most of everything else I need).  I do cook two days a week for everyone, however, and afterwards I’m like X_X (zero energy), so I know on those days I won’t get any editing and writing done.  I need some alone time at night to just let my brain lazily float out in space.  Also, as I’m sure I mentioned here before, every other weekend me and the boyfriend visit each other to make our long distance relationship work until we can work something out (it’ll be at least another year and a half/two years, I’m thinking *sighs*), so that leaves the opposite weekends available to work on the story plus three weekdays…technically.

Realistically, I’ll probably get in 3-4 days a week, depending on my energy level and assuming there’s no design client to attend to.  I thought I’d get used to the physical demands of my day job–and in some ways I have.  Though, overall, it’s still pretty tiring most days.

In any case, I’m just gonna do what I can to keep the ball rolling.  Even at this tortoise pace it’s possible to get the thing done.

We’ll get there…eventually.


11 thoughts on “Finding Time for The Novel

    • Hi, Amanda, and welcome!

      Thank you for the good wishes. It’s been a long road so far, but I’ve never given up. Just gotta keep slogging…heh.

      Interested to see what you write. Gonna hop on over to your site. 🙂


  1. Im in the same boat too, busy with flight school and work. I finished a novel first draft last week, but I’ve got less time now that christmas is over and I don’t have excuses togive away shifts now.


    • So I’ve noticed! I think it’s totally awesome you’re going for your piloting licenses, btw. (Been reading your blog, I have.)

      Anyhow, we’ll get there eventually. 🙂


  2. “Even at this tortoise pace it’s possible to get the thing done.”

    I was making this point somewhere recently (can’t remember where) that I’ve been reading a lot of End of Year/Beginning of Year blog posts recently (for some reason 🙂 ), and I’ve come to the conclusion that what matters most is writing vs. not writing. If you’re writing, you’ll get there. This has been a very challenging year for me, too (last year, of course I mean — though this one will continue in the same vein for at least a few months), but I’ve managed to keep writing. So, I’ll get there. And so will you.

    That being said, coming back to a project after a break, even an unavoidable one, can have advantages, as I talk about in my current blog post. Fresh eyes and all.


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