New Blog (Kinda) + Updates

Howdy, folks!  It’s been too long…

I figured I’d give a little update on what’s happening–or rather not happening–around these parts, with the blog and the novel.

The Blog

I’ve actually started a Tumblr blog, which I post fairly regularly on.  It’s become a catch-all for my writing, dieselpunk and interior design musings.  I feel there’s more freedom for such a mix over there than, well, here.

What I’d like to do with Seven & a Half First Drafts, eventually, is give it a complete rehaul–visually and content-wise.  Mostly, I intend to use it for official updates on my novel and quest to get my work published.

…But before I can do that, I have to actually finish said novel.

The Novel

Unfortunately, there’s no way I’ll be getting the thing done before the end of the year as I’d originally hoped.  With me finally securing a steady full-time job in my field and doing what I can to keep my own business running, I haven’t really set aside much energy or time towards writing.  I swear, I must walk at least 8-10 miles a day at my new job; it’s that huge of a warehouse.  The first couple of months have been incredibly exhausting for me, getting used to traversing the facility all day and basically using muscles I normally don’t use all that much, heh, what with pushing and lifting and moving furniture. (I’m afraid I wasn’t very active before this job; I’m a homebody through and through.)

Anyway, I am getting used to the new job, physically, and lately I am finding I’m less tired coming home than I used to be.  There are still other challenges I must take into account to figure out a way to get this novel done within the next century, though (kidding, more like as soon as I can).

For one, I tend to write best in the mornings, but I currently go into work at 6am and get off at 2:30pm.  The latest they’ll let me come in is at 8am then leave at 4:30, so if I did that I could work on the novel between maybe 5-ish or 5:40 and 6:40, since I live about 15 minutes from work and usually require about an hour to get ready with my uncooperative hair and whatnot…eh.  However, I very much like having so much of the second half of the day available for other endeavors–such as my business.  When I do have design projects to attend to, I use that time after work (2:30 onward) to visit clients’ homes and do research for their projects.  It’s been slow lately, so I’m not always busy after the day job; but when I am busy with the design stuff I have zero time and energy for editing and writing.

I only work Monday through Friday, so technically I have the weekends completely free (unless it just works out that a Saturday or Sunday works best for me and a client to meet up).  Though, for those who don’t know, I’m also involved in a long-distance relationship with a fine fellow who lives about three hours away. (He seriously uses phrases like “that’s swell” and has a story he’s working on which involves Amelia Earhart and Nikola Tesla time-traveling, so that should give you some idea of how awesome he is! *winks*)  But anyway, unless we both have (holi)days off or something, we can only meet on the weekends.

Every other weekend, typically, for financial reasons.

In short, there are a lot of things to juggle.  But I really do want to get this Element 7 project out into the world, so I’ll have to figure something out.

I suppose getting off at 4:30 wouldn’t be too bad… It’d still leave some time for afternoon appointments.  Just means I still have to be up and editing at like 5am ’cause I prefer to have at least an hour and a half to really dig in and focus on the scene I’m editing.


Decisions, decisions…

In any case, I got through another scene today, so yay.  It’s more than I’ve done in the past couple of months anyway, heh. (Sad, I know.)

We’ll see.  I’ll keep y’all posted.  Just know I ain’t altogether dropped out of this race just yet.


One thought on “New Blog (Kinda) + Updates

  1. Good to hear some news. Welcome back!

    LDRs can be tough (I speak from experience), but sometimes when you have less time you can appreciate it more and make it more special.

    And sometimes (again, from experience), sometimes when you have less time to write (as has been the case with me this year), you can still get things done, just not exactly as planned. But, it’s still steps toward the final goal.

    (I was going to get cranky about the tumblr site — you know, about how I have to register and so on — but then I remembered that people have to register for my site, too, so then I decided it was okay. 🙂 )


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