I Feel Like Writing.

All of a sudden.  And it’s not even Wednesday.  But boy, I sure haven’t done much writing here lately–or anywhere else, for that matter!

The Non-(Creative) Writing Life

So what have I written/edited over the past two months?  Well, let’s see…

I’ve written (and rewritten) some content for my business’ website, micro messages for technicians at my day job, other less exciting reports…even a legit “client agreement” for my business (which I had been marinating over for waaaay too long)…

But that’s not very inspiring.

Is it?

In case I haven’t mentioned this here before, I work for a pretty big appliance and home goods retailer presently.  In a call center.  Did I know what I was getting myself into? Ha!  Not even close, but it didn’t matter at the time.  I just needed a full-time job.  With benefits.

‘Cause that’s what “adults” need, you see.  Plus, I have student loans I need to finish paying off.  And I want my own (customizable) house/condo one day soon-ish.  With a classy cream Mini Cooper parked out front.  And I’m turning 25 on Sunday–and honestly, I don’t think I’ve entirely grasped the implications of all of this yet! @_@

So back to the day job. (Did I tell you I wake up at 3:45AM just to get there on time?)

I’m told I have good rapport with my customers most often, that I’m good with “quality.”  However, I struggle with meeting our quota for “avoids”–that is, successfully getting customers to troubleshoot and fixing their problems over the phone rather than sending out technician trucks.  It’s really the whole point of my position (though originally I was supposed to be in a different department, but we won’t get into that mix up…), so it’s making me a liiiiiiittle paranoid, to be perfectly honest–especially since I got into another car accident for which I had to take some days off and am still awaiting the processing of medical leave paperwork for…

Bottom line: I don’t even know if I’m technically certified to stay at this job yet.

You must understand something about me: I don’t like to not be good at things, you see, and I get frustrated when it’s not a thing I can overcome relatively quickly.  Maybe ’cause I’m an impatient, proud Leo.

Yup, blaming it on the stars.

Anyway, I don’t want to harp on my weaknesses.  There are things I can do to get better, and I don’t want to suck at my job.  Generally not an option, when you’re a proud, stubborn Leo.

I’d also like to keep my job, please.  (Because Leos need to pay for all those lavish high hopes and dreams and do so independently, mind you.)

Work Ladybug, Work

Lately, it just seems I’ve been in Work Mode.  With my own business, though, I really don’t mind; it’s what I’ve been wanting to do, you see.  I can work from sunup to sundown on a design project and not feel like it’s “work.”  Because it’s not.  I’m creating things and helping people–two things I enjoy and have always felt to be my callings in life.  And when it’s your business you call the shots–not someone in an office across the country that you’ll never get to meet.

You also have to take 100% responsibility for when things go wrong… You also have 100% say on how to make improvements, see.

Pros and cons.

Working for a big company has its perks, of course.  But after working at several different large-ish retail venues and attending two different universities…I’ve kinda developed a preference for smaller companies and organizations.  Things just work differently.

*sighs* But beggars can’t be choosers (and gawd, do Leos hate to beg).

One day I’d like to focus on designing retail shops, and maybe even cozy inns and restaurants, for small businesses–because nothing says living the American Dream like starting your own damn business.  And maybe, after I’ve worked some odd number of years as an entrepreneur, I’ll have enough business to take on a lucky college intern (or two!) and also be experienced and confident enough to venture into the commercial realm, if I haven’t already attempted it.  (Perhaps I’ll apply to a firm that specializes in that kind of design that will notice me and say, “Hey–that chick’s got drive and mad talent; let’s hire her!” and I can learn the commercial trade that way.)

Until then, I start small and work my way up.  Ladders must be climbed, after all. (Besides, practically every other door in the design industry has pretty much remained closed to me since graduation, so it was definitely time to try something different.)

As for the writing group…well, things slowed down.  One of the members was out-of-town for a couple of weeks and email chatter went dead for a while, so I kinda forgot to check my emails after that… Not sure if I’m gonna try to get things moving/resurrected again.  We’ll see.

We haven’t even so much as brushed the novel in ages.  Though, the voices of my characters do haunt me some days… Persistent little buggers.

But it hasn’t been all work for me.  Friends and family are always up for a good time.  Plus, there’s the matter of a romantic interest who lives about 3 hours south of me, so kinda seeing where that goes… (*sighs* Nothing’s ever simple, is it?)

So Yup, Just Ranting

Nothing terribly important to see here.  Though, I do want the blogging world to know that I’m still alive.  Just…living.

But oh, is life hard.


5 thoughts on “I Feel Like Writing.

  1. A friend is buying a house, and she was wondering exactly when she became an “adult” (because buying a house is the sort of thing that adults do) and why she doesn’t feel like an adult. Her theory is that many (most, all) of us are going through life acting like we think adults are supposed to act and wondering if there’s some level of Real Adult that we’ll get to later.


  2. I’m glad of the assurance you’re still living, even if it’s never easy. Sounds like you’re doing the “adult” thing more hardcore than I am. (You and all the other twenty-somethings I know.) Sometimes I wonder just how pathetic my life looks from the outside… then somebody will show up and call me an inspiration. Go figure.
    Everyone’s fighting their own personal battles, I guess. I trust in your leonine side to fight on with courage. (:


    • “Sometimes I wonder just how pathetic my life looks from the outside… then somebody will show up and call me an inspiration. Go figure.”

      I know! You’re like o_O really?

      Yes, courage is a must. 🙂


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