Hi, everyone.

I’m not dead, I assure you!  In fact, I’ve actually been getting some editing done, lol.

Last week, since I was (finally) approaching the 75% mark, I figured out how many words a day I’d have to edit in order to finish by the end of the year (about 500).  Then I realized I still have to do another sweep for line edits and stylistic decisions, so I tacked on an extra 100 words per day.  By that rate I’ll be done with heavy edits by Nov. 21.

And since my mother has recently challenged me to finish my current round of editing by Thanksgiving…well, that works out quite nicely. 😀

Editing has been a bit of a mind game for me.  I’ve tried a lot of different ways to be consistent–because the fact is I haven’t been very consistent, lol.  I tried setting higher goals but then felt super guilty when I couldn’t meet it.  Then I wouldn’t get any work done for days…  Though, with the lower word count goal (paltry as it feels to me…) I know I’m able to do it every day, and even if I do miss a day I can divvy it up (or double up) and add it to my goals for the next days so it isn’t so overwhelming.

Seems to be working all right.

In any case, I plan to beat the turkey to the table!

How are you folks doing out there?

I know I haven’t really been commenting much lately–or blogging, for that matter!–though I do still read people’s blogs.  I’ve been researching what it’ll take to start my own business (still struggling with this whole career thing…) so I guess my attention has been elsewhere. *sighs*


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  1. Elsewhere attention — I know how that goes. After the summer I’ve had, I’m still trying to get my head out of some strange land overlapping Elizabethan England and a fairy wood. My next goal (among a bunch of other stuff that needs doing) is to draft the final novel of a trilogy by mid-October, so I’ll have a few days to catch my breath before diving into my second NaNoWriMo of the year. And I’m having difficulty concentrating on comment formulation right now, which I guess is my brain’s way of telling me that it’s time to write some fiction.
    Later, Tiyana! Happy editing! Beat that turkey! Loving the new green look you’ve got going on, by the way; my eyes read it as coolly yummy. (:


  2. I’m always impressed by people who approach writing (including editing) so systematically. Beat that turkey to the table!

    Me, I’m still sort of between projects. There are a few stories I could start, but I’m not sure which one should be next. Meanwhile, I’m planning a big round of editing and reposting of the mystery stories next year. There are twelve stories and twelve months, so I think I’ll do one a month.

    So I guess maybe I’m more systematic than I think I am. 🙂

    Good luck with the business plan.


    • Oh nice, 12 and 12–sounds like a plan! Lots to keep you busy, too. 😉

      Also, thanks for the good wishes. Luckily I have a book specifically for interior designers that lists important questions to consider in a business plan (school books actually coming in handy, lol!), so I can use that as a template. Also, my mom recently came across a newspaper article about a woman who started her own small business and they mentioned a local lawyer who offers free consultation services to help people get started with theirs.

      I think once I’ve researched all I can from my end & have my little plan in order, heh, I’ll go and visit this lawyer to make sure I’m on the right track.

      (Oh yeah! And I just got asked to an interview today for a part-time position as a design consultant at a flooring store, so we’ll see how that goes. 😀 It would be a really nice compliment to what I want to do on the side… Plus, I could probably sell more product that way! haha)


  3. I know you can “beat that Turkey” T-Bone!!! Think how much better it will taste knowing you are done! I have faith in you and your abilities. But just in case, I have the whip in hand ready to give you a boost, lol. You know I love ya! Can’t wait to read the final product. Keep writing and planning, I know the book and business will be as amazing as you are. Love ya!


  4. Good to know you’re still working away! Hey you’ll be done SOON. I remember when it was still a year from now or more. 😉 I’m about at the same point with my latest novel draft. I was hoping to be done by now, but things didn’t quite work out the way I expected. But *breaks out the pom poms* You can do it!


    • Ha!

      Well, I wanna be to the point where I can start querying agents sometime in early 2013, though still gotta let the beta readers–God bless their souls–take a stab at it. (No idea how long that might take.) Then I’ll have some idea of whether this project is headed in a good direction (worth reading).

      Speaking of beta readers…I think I’ve kinda forgotten who all volunteered, lol, ‘cept for one… Meh, I’ll do a post/round-up for that once 2013 rolls around ’cause I know I won’t be ready before then.


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