Good News!

I have a much-desired job interview soon (tomorrow, in fact), so wish me luck!

Bad news: progress on the novel is…well, kinda at a standstill, for the moment. *sighs*

Lately my brain has been in scatter mode.  It’s hard to focus on things that are thought-intensive and don’t involve me using my hands a lot, apparently.  (I’ve been keeping busy with painting walls and assembling furniture and, well, other activities.)  I wake up constantly in the middle of the night just thinking about random things–problems both real and imagined (from the dream realm, you see).  Also, I’ve somehow lost weight (my freakin’ skinny jeans are sagging on me!), though none of my usual habits have really changed much–which is crazy ’cause I was already 5’8″-ish and around 130lbs before; now I weigh just under 126.

The mother suggested this may all be stress-related, which is a possibility because honestly, sometimes I don’t even realize I’m stressed about stuff until someone points out certain observations they’ve made about me–like “Hey, your pants are totally sagging!”

So…yeah, that’s all I’ve got for ya this week.

Oh, and yes:

“The New York City fireworks over the East Village of New York City.” Image credit: David Shankbone.

Happy Independence Day!  For all you Americans out there, heh-heh.

Has life caused your pants to sag of late, or have you been eating your Wheaties?


8 thoughts on “Good News!

  1. Good luck at the interview! When I’m stressed out I tend to eat instead of loose weight, so the pants are feeling a bit snug right now. I hope things get better for you soon. *sending virtual hugs*


  2. Hey, good luck (with the job and with the stress)!!

    I think stress can mean that we burn up more calories, even without any extra physical activity. When my father died, for the next few days I slept about 12 hours a night. It was just tiring.

    (I’m not particularly stressed right now, but my pants don’t sag pretty much whatever I do, stressed or not. 🙂 )


    • Thanks, Anthony. 🙂

      Yeah, I guess that’s it, with the stress and burning of calories… Don’t know why else this would be happening!


  3. I went for … what…. almost 6 months without a job when I graduated from College the first time. It was… it was very stressful. It was at that time that a certain chronic… um… problem that I do not discuss publicly first presented itself, which problem has been with me ever since (it’s fairly well-managed now). I understand from reliable sources that stress is a possible triggering mechanism for this particular problem.

    So, I hope you had good luck with you job interview yesterday. Belated, I know, but I got here late.


    • Thanks! It was actually just a phone interview yesterday, lol, so my “real” one is on Tuesday. At least I made it to the next round!

      But yeah…it’s tough out there for grads trying to start a career right now. :/


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