Wordle, Childhood Wonders & More!

Hey, all!  I hope everyone had a good Easter Sunday. 🙂

‘K, so to be honest…I really don’t have much to say this week.  Like nothing is coming to me. -__- I feel like my brain is everywhere and nowhere all at once.

How is that possible?

‘K, I Got Something…

I think. <_<

Speculative Fiction Novel = Literary Mishmash of Childhood Wonders

Have you ever worked on a project where you felt like you pretty much just dumped everything that ever fascinated you when you were younger into one big story?

I kinda feel that way about Element 7.

The other day I was reflecting on the things I’ve chosen to put into this story and I wondered to myself, “Why?”  I hadn’t realized before just how many individual elements I’d decided to mix together.  It kinda boggles the mind.  Check out the word soup, yeah?


I just made a Wordle ’cause it was fun, lol.

Anyway, I think all this stuff actually ended up in the same story because, well, they’re all things that have fascinated me growing up.  So let’s just hope it all works out in the end, heh.

What kind of “cool” things do you have in your current writing project?

And “cool”, of course, is entirely subjective to your own personal definition.  I don’t expect everyone to agree that Platonic Solids are cool, though I certainly think they are!

I kinda think of these things as the little candies or treats that keep me writing/editing/whatevs; they’re a real pleasure to indulge in every now and then.  And what better way to indulge in the fascinations of life than to write, or better yet speculate, about them?


16 thoughts on “Wordle, Childhood Wonders & More!

  1. Your wordle makes me excited! Element 7 looks like it will be an adventure 🙂

    Story candy? Hmm food is one for me, describing what is being eaten and how it’s served. Is that weird? LOL Also monsters… the kind that lurk in the dark, and are incomprehensible, and highly intelligent, as they are inhuman.


    • Food! No, that makes sense with the Recipes From Fiction project that you do. (I just made up that name ’cause I can’t remember what you called it, lol.) Plus intelligent monsters?!?! Oh my…


  2. Hmm, cool things in my WIP: aether, airships, aeroplanes, giant floating aircraftcarrier/dreadnaught, people’s revolution, spies and sabateurs, a brothel on a riverboat, sewers and sewer kids, howitzers, flamethrowers, gattling guns. One of the things that amuses me about dieselpunk is all those brilliant inventions from the streampunk era – they’ve all been streamlined into new and efficient ways of killing large numbers of people.


    • I guess there are just some universal “essentials” to dieselpunk, eh? 😉

      ‘K…brothel on a riverboat, sewer kids, flame throwers?!?! I wanna read that. 😀

      “One of the things that amuses me about dieselpunk is all those brilliant inventions from the streampunk era – they’ve all been streamlined into new and efficient ways of killing large numbers of people.”

      Funny–or not so funny..–how that works.


        • I was actually going to just input the manuscript, but then I realized I’d have to edit it a lot to get rid of common, boring words. (It has a filter to not include “common words”, but I guess the list is very basic, heh.) I just made a list of “cool” words and used that.

          Now, Wordle automatically makes the words that are used the most larger than ones that are used less, so I had to decide how many times I wanted to use each word in order to vary their sizes (and also deleted spaces between groups of words like “League of Nations” so they’d be included together and not randomized in various parts of the Wordle).

          So yeah…that’s how I made it, lol. Didn’t take very long, though. 🙂


      • I remember your book was long. But 200,000 words??? I thought mine was a monster at 107,000. That’s already 400+ pages. Have you ever thought of breaking it in half to make two books? I keep seeing editors saying anything more than 110,000 words for first-time authors as being even that much more difficult to sell.


        • I think in the official list where they define how many words make up a novel, a novella, a short story, etc., 200,000 is classified as “freakin’ long” 🙂 But sometimes that’s how long they have to be. My second novel was 170,000 words. I made a promise to myself not to do _that_ again, but there’s nothing I’d cut.


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