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Hey, folks.  I know I kinda dropped off the face of the planet for a while.  Not cool.  I’m just going through a lot of changes right now.

I’ve been (unsuccessfully) trying to juggle way too much stuff around recently and my body, mentally and physically, just doesn’t agree.  I don’t want to stop blogging here, but doing the flash stories and blogging both once a week just isn’t something I can keep up.  I’m not sure if I’m going to keep posting the stories while trying to read everyone else that participates over at Madison’s blog, but I do want to keep blogging…just maybe not as often.  Like once or twice a month–say the first and third Wednesday of the month.  Hopefully that works out better.

Anyway, I’ll still be hopping around on the blogosphere, seeing what you folks are up to.  I’ve been used to working on a steady, unchanging schedule in the past, but right now I don’t have that and it’s throwing me for a major loop.  I come home so thoroughly exhausted and the last thing I’m thinking about is writing/editing/blogging.  Though, if I don’t get around this soon the dang novel will remain unedited. -__-

*sighs* An ongoing battle on that front.  Not to mention I’m debating starting my own business ’cause the job market for what I want to do just incredibly sucks right now.

Not the ideal position for a young college graduate, imo, but WTH else can you do?

So yeah.  Just wanted to let my readers know I haven’t forgotten about you.  I just need a chance to regroup, reevaluate, prioritize…all that jazz.

On that note, I think I’ll go get some editing done (after I clean up some cat puke on the carpet…).  Results likely won’t show today on the Progress Bar, as I’m in the middle of a larger chapter, but it’s something.

How’s life for you all, on the writing front and beyond?

Have any similar struggles lately?


16 thoughts on “Still Here

  1. Hey Tiyana,
    I’m glad you’re ‘back’.
    I know how blogging can feel like an obligation. Make sure you’re putting yourself, first. It sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate. Retrenching is normal and smart.
    I got in over my head with three critique groups plus work, plus my own novel writing. I got swamped. I ended up cutting two of the groups. I didn’t want to but I had to.
    Just keep writing, keep reading and blog when you can.
    Take care of yourself.


    • Thanks, Mark. Sometimes it’s just too easy to forget oneself in the middle of pursuing a bunch of activities. Hopefully I can find a happy medium somehow. 🙂


  2. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. I’ve been there, off and on. There’s a lot of other things in life that are more important than blogging. When I first started blogging I was doing almost 7-days-a-week. Then things got busy in one way or another and my blogging dropped way back. I’ve never fully recovered back to 7-days-a-week, and at this point I don’t think I will. And week-to-week I wax and wane on my blogging regularity.

    Last week, for instance, I only put up 2 posts. Most weeks I do 3 or 4. Some lucky weeks I get 5. Keeping a strictly regular schedule right now isn’t something I can do…

    Take the time you need. Recoup. Regroup. The blog will be waiting here when you’re ready.


  3. It’s good to ‘hear from you, so to speak.

    There are enough chores in life already — blogging should not turn into another one. Once a week has always been good for me, but everybody has to find their own pace. Which will change as other things change.

    Things are pretty good with me. Working on my WIP (the mystery story book, not Throwing Stones). As I said over at Stephen’s blog, I just did edits on one story of ten, but that doesn’t mean I’m a tenth of the way through. Well, I’ll get there. There’s no clock on my business. 🙂


    • Heh. I guess that’s the good thing about not having to meet publisher-set deadlines, eh? (Or can be, anyway.)

      Speaking of chores, finally got around to tidying my room today after a week or so of neglect. Had clothes everywhere. (It’s ridiculous how many times I can change my mind about what I’m going to wear to work within the span of 10-15 minutes, lol.)


      • Deadlines have advantages, too. I don’t know if I’d have finished either of my novels if I hadn’t set a deadline for myself (it would have been too depressing to reach 50 with two unfinished novels and no finished ones). At some point, I will set a deadline for this book as well, but it’s too early in the process now.

        Congratulations on the bedroom maintenance. I need to do some of that myself, if/when I run out of interesting blog posts to respond to. 🙂


  4. Hey, TMW…that happens. And I completely sympathize with you about coming home exhausted and wanting to do nothing but write and go to bed. 😀 SO there, and so looking forward to my hopeful career change. 🙂

    Oh, and uh…sorry about your cat. For all that’s worth. 😉


    • Thanks. 🙂

      Yeah, poor Tigger has had to take amoxicillin for a urinary infection. 😦 But he’s finally finished it all, so hopefully no more puking for him. (Strangely enough I have the same reaction to that stuff; can’t take it.)


  5. I wondered where you were, but glad to know you’re alright. Juggling issues that don’t all fit on one ordinary-sized plate is no fun. You’re still a #FridayFictioneer whether you post stories or not 🙂 I’m going to put your blog on my email alerts so I’ll know when you do get to make posts. Take care of yourself and good luck on your business venture if you decide to go for it! In a couple years I plan to do the same thing, but it’s going to take me that long to get my game plan organized.


    • Thanks, Madison. 🙂 I appreciate that.

      Yeah, that’s what I’m going to do now: get my game plan, or more like business plan, together. Start doing research and building contacts. The biggest part for me will be just getting over the idea of “I can’t do this”, but my mentors and people who know me believe strongly that I can so that must be worth something!

      Just have to take it all one step at a time, I suppose…

      Anyhow, I’ve loved being part of the Fictioneers. It’s crazy to see how much it’s grown since you started it! Even if I can’t contribute to the stories, I can still read some of them and comment. It’s fun to see what everyone comes up with each week. 🙂


  6. Hope things work out for you. Real life is tough…things get in the way. After blogging for close to seven years now, I’ve started and stopped half a dozen times!

    Prioritizing is good for the soul.


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