Kitty Cats Galore!

I know this is completely lame of me, but I don’t feel like talking about writing or editing today.  Strangely, I have nothing to say! :O

So instead, I wanted to introduce two very faithful, loving little guys…

Tigger & Kit Kat!

Yup, these are my cats, and they are my babies.  One weighs about 9-10 lbs. and the other…fluctuates around 16, heh.  But according to my little sister, who volunteers with animals all the time, that really isn’t so bad; she’s seen a 25 lb. cat before!

Kit Kat is just a little husky, is all, but we love him just the same.


These guys were born from the same litter, and we picked them up when they were pretty young.  They are nothing alike.  Complete opposites actually.

And now the smaller one…well, he’s pretty attached to me. -__- (I guess that’s because I picked him.)

Apparently, when cats knead on you all the time it can be a sign they were taken away from their mothers too soon.  (That’s what the vet-tech-to-be lil’ sis’ says.)  And Tigger does an awful lot of kneading.  And drooling.  (How many people have cats that give them bear hugs, sit on their chests and drip buckets of drool onto their shirts?  Really, I’m curious.)  He still has his claws, too, but he tries to be gentle.

He also does this weird thing where, when he sees you, he’ll run over to a rug (’cause we’ve taught them not to scratch on the carpet, only rugs), flatten himself against the ground and stick his rear end up in the air.  And if you pat him really lightly on the rump, he starts making a weird snorting, throaty noise…like he’s shooting snot out of his nose.

It’s strange.

But hey, he loves it, and he only lets me and my sister do it to him.  Everyone else who’s tried it has gotten the Cat Scratch Attack, which has earned him the nickname Scratch Cat–one of many names we call him.  I also call him the Mouse.

Yeah, that one I cannot explain without sounding idiotic.

Oh, a couple more things about Tigger: he’s a pretty picky eater–likes his kitty food with extra water so it becomes more of a soup than a hearty meal, thank you–and when we used to let them outside he didn’t mind scurrying around in the rain, but put him in a bathtub… I swear, he scales walls that are impossible to scale.  And he does it with wet paws.

He also yowls in a way that makes you think we’re trying to kill someone.  But it’s just a freakin’ bath.

So no more baths.

Kit Kat

Kit Kat has earned the reputation as a bully around these parts.  And a stalker.

When sweet, innocent little Tigger is minding his own business, Kit Kat will be lurking around the corner or on top of some ledge just waiting for a chance to start trouble.  He’ll block doorways so that Tigger has to leap over him, thereby allowing Kit Kat to take a swipe at him.  He’ll stare Tigger down when they’re eating together, just to see if Tigger will back off and leave so he can have the rest of his food.  (Now, Tigger simply doesn’t take his food next to Kit Kat; he sits in a window sill or off to the side somewhere.  He’s not stupid!)

One good thing, though, is that they’ve learned to take turns at the watering hole (bowl), so when one is lapping away, the other will wait patiently at a safe distance from behind.


Kit Kat also has the habit of sitting in dark places and watching folks from the shadows.  When my sister was looking for a kitten to choose, Kit Kat was the one hiding under the bed in their room.  I guess the sis liked his black-and-white color ’cause honestly I would have never noticed or chosen him.

Lucky for him, my sister saw something I didn’t!

Also, he has this thing with people’s shoes; the smellier the better.  And warm clothes fresh out of the dryer.  If he’s around when you’re doing laundry, he’ll plop himself right in the middle of your pile.  (I guess he likes the warmth.)

Heck, once he even hopped into the dryer himself!

Despite his bully ways, he’s actually a really loving cat.  Anytime I look over, he’s pretty much always by my side.  He’s not so needy (or kneady, for that matter) as Tigger.  He just likes to be in the same room as me, or my sister.  Depends on the time of day.  Also, he’s not a picky eater.  In fact, he enjoys Jello cheesecake, crackers and the occasional hot wing.  (I’m serious.)  Sometimes, he even likes to chew on people’s hair.  (Yeah, that I don’t understand.)

He’s even nuzzling me now as I type this. 🙂

Oh, remember the weird dealio I told you Tigger likes, where if you pat him gently he starts snorting?  Well, Kit Kat apparently likes a similar thing, except he’ll snap at you if you aren’t being rough enough, haha.

So I call him Snap Dragon sometimes.  (He likes to give “love bites” every now and then.  They don’t hurt; it’s just surprising when he does it.)

Lastly, whereas Tigger can stand the rain but not a bath, Kit Kat is the exact opposite.

They are funny little creatures with unique personalities.

Yup, so those are my cats. 😀

Do you keep pets?

If so, what kind are they?  And do they have any weird, funny little quirks you’d like to share?


11 thoughts on “Kitty Cats Galore!

  1. Oh what personalities they have! They sound like a fluffy handful 😉 Also they’re adorable!

    I had to leave my cat behind at my parents house when I moved into my current apartment. But hrm, she likes to lick plastic, and any paper you set out, she will sit on. We adopted her as an adult cat, and sometimes I wonder what happened to her before us. She’s terrified of small children! If we ignore her, she’ll swat at our noses, and wave her paw at us to get attention. A demanding little kitty hehe.


    • Aw! My cats aren’t very comfortable around young ones, either, but I think that’s because they haven’t been exposed to them much. They especially dislike really energetic ones and get spastic and hissy…

      I like how your kitty takes action when she isn’t being paid attention to, haha. Ours just kind of go off to an empty room and yowl for a while (annoying!) or just sit quietly next to us and hope we notice, heh.


      • She comes up rather irregularly, I suppose. She’s (we believe) part Yellow Lab and part Shiba Inu. She’s still a bit rambunctious at 5. And still a little hurt that we decided we wanted more family/loving than she could provide alone (i.e. we had B.T.).


  2. Well, no cats here, but I do have a few plants. Have you met them yet? Let me introduce you to them…

    …LOL—But seriously, it’s nice to divert from writing, grammar, character development, blogging, publishing vendettas and victories, and just talk about something that’s…yes…a little silly.

    Not that your cats are silly, necessarily.

    But I know that my plants sure are. :-p lol


    • Haha, JP. You and your plants…

      Publishing vendettas?! I haven’t had any of those yet. Let’s hope I never do! lol

      But yeah, it’s nice to talk about other stuff sometimes, even if its silly cats. 😀


      • It almost qualifies as an obsession. Almost.

        Publishing vendettas, for me, are those books that you see on the shelf, and think to yourself, “THIS got published? THIS?!?!?! Why not…Why not me? THIS?!?!?!”

        Sound familiar? If your experience is anything like mine, it will. 😉


        • I don’t know that mine qualify as vendettas, since I’ll usually pick on a lousy book for a few minutes, shake my head, and then move on. But the sentiment is puh-lenty familiar, lemme tell you.

          As for pets, I have a crazy old codger of a Shetland Sheepdog. We adopted him maybe ten years ago, and he’s gotta be pushing 80 in dog years by now. And he just loooves to play the senior citizen card, demanding all sorts of special favors, refusing to be brushed without a flailing fight, and playing dumb while I’m standing there, beating my legs, calling his name and begging to let him out before he makes a mess on the carpet. But at least he never barks. And the looks he gives us when he thinks we’re being idiots are *priceless*.


        • LoL – that does sound familiar, though I’m not sure I’d call them vendettas, heh. It is mind-boggling, though, some of those cases.

          Deshipley: sounds like your dog kinda owns the place. 😉 (Or thinks he does, anyway.)

          And I never tire of the looks pets can give…quite amusing!


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