The Tree of Duality

From now on, the participants in Madison Woods’ 100-word story challenge are officially known as the #FridayFictioneers! *echo echo echo*  Thanks to Susie Lindau.  Cool, huh? 😀

I’m not gonna lie: this week’s challenge was especially hard for me.  I had to rewrite this many, many times to make it work–but doggonit, it was going to work!

100 words exactly.  Always cutting it close for me.

Usually I like to focus on setting the mood and all that jazz, though this time I just wanted to make the idea behind it work for 100 words because it felt more like a 200-300 word story.  There really wasn’t much room for atmosphere.

So here was the inspiration image Madison posted for this week:

Participants don’t have to use this image necessarily, but it can help to provide some inspiration.  (I try to stick to writing something related to her images ’cause I’m too lazy to look for my own, haha.)


Without further ado, here is my 100-word story.


The Tree of Duality

Lois glared up at the sprawling tree, the only one for over a hundred miles.  When touched, its glistening leaves turned a deathly brown.

This was the one.

She only needed a few verdant leaves to sell for their healing powers.  Instant wealth.

Having no relevant tools in her backpack, Lois took this off and swung it by the straps back and forth, counting, “One, two…three.”

The flying backpack struck gold, sending leaves fluttering towards her.  Lois caught one though frowned when it disintegrated, as did the others midair.

She smiled grimly, shouldering her backpack.  Sometimes she just left empty-handed.



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  1. Hey I really like that a lot! And you’re right – there’s a lot of story in there behind those 100 words. You did a great job 🙂


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