Heart of Rosalina

It’s #FlashFriday over at Madison’s blog again, and the challenge is to write a story in 100 words or less.  Anyone can join! 😀  (If you do give it a go and have a story you’d like to share today, then just post a link over at her blog here so other folks can read it, too.  You can share here as well, if you’d like.)

This week mine came to exactly 100 words again, according to Word.  (It likes to count hyphenated words as one.  Otherwise, I guess it’s 103. :/)  It kind of reminds me of “The Road” in some ways, but oh well.  The colors in Madison’s inspiration photo sparked the idea for the story.  Take a look:

I really wanted to go into more detail with this one!  I kind of had a Lara Croft-type scenario in mind, hehe.  (I currently have a slideshow of some of the concept art from the video games as a wallpaper on my laptop, believe it or not.  I love video game art–so imaginative!)

Sometimes I feel different sources of inspiration call for different characters to filter things through, so today you will meet a new protagonist.  I seem to like using Kitty for more whimsical, lighthearted stories and someone different for the more foreboding ones.  (Hmm, maybe Lois could have been the protagonist in “The Road”…)

Anyway, here’s the story.


Heart of Rosalina

Lois squeezed through a narrow stone passageway, entering a large chamber illuminated by a soft, rosy light.  A small object floated in the center, throwing off wispy yellow-white sparks.  The light gradated from pink to a violet which tinged the chamber walls.

“The Heart of Rosalina,” Lois whispered to herself, reverently reaching for the source and finding a cool, faceted stone.  It immediately absorbed the light in the room, leaving but a faint glow.

The chamber began to quake.

Lois turned and held the crystal out before her, revealing a half-closed passageway.


Of course, these places were always booby-trapped.



16 thoughts on “Heart of Rosalina

  1. I love the color I can see and feel in this piece 🙂 Has a sort of ‘Raiders’ sense of adventure about to happen, too. Thanks for joining us!


  2. You had me at Lara Croft. 😉

    Then I read it, and you REALLY had me!! I nearly let out an audible ‘Yeah!’ at the end! Nicely done.


    • Haha, another Croft fan! Glad you liked where I was going with the story. 🙂

      Have you heard about the new game that’s supposed to be coming out soon? I guess it starts from the beginning and shows how she became the Tomb Raider.


    • Oh, I was soooo itching to go longer, haha. But I splurged once and then felt guilty, heh, so I’m really trying to abide by the 100/less. It’s a good exercise!


      • Hahaha, and you’re doing soooooo good at doing 100 words, lol. It *is* hard to stay so short, though, for me too.


  3. When I read you work, I can REALLY tell that you’re a designer. Everything is so three-dimensional, and your use of color is awesome.

    How is your WIP going, by the way. I hope you’re at least up to your 10th draft!


    • Haha, that’s awesome. Thanks for the compliments. 🙂

      And no, I’m not quite up to #10 yet. 😉 Besides, I reset the counter. This is officially the “1st edit”. I feel a deep need to psychologically distance myself from “drafts”, since I’ve already seen many of those…lol.

      Anyway, it’s coming along. Taking more time than I thought it would, but it’s coming together…slowly but surely. Filling holes, realigning things and such.


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