The Sneezing Tangle

It’s Flash Friday again over at Madison Woods‘ blog!  Do you think you can write a story in 100 words or less? o.O

This week mine is shorter, fortunately, at 100 words.  Here’s the inspiration image Madison shared this time:

Our inspiration image this week, thanks to Madison!

Perhaps some of you may be glad to know that Kitty is back for another adventure!  This week’s image just so happened to feel more like a Kitty opportunity, I think.

Okay, well, here goes nothing…


The Sneezing Tangle

Avoiding the river by scaling the cliffside, Kitty frowned when something dripped onto her shoulder.

Warily, she looked up.

A tangle of dense tree branches, writhing and weaving to and fro, awaited her overhead.  “Achoo!  Achoo!” they wailed.  Through their center was a distant view of perfectly clear blue sky.

Her only way out of this mess.

Kitty climbed, swatting off cheeky slithering vines and occasionally slipping on icky, slimy…moss?


Alas, the sky opened wide and Kitty pulled herself aloft.  Triumphant, she gave a hoot and danced.

Unfortunately, she also slipped.


She fell and fell…and splashed.

Big splash.



14 thoughts on “The Sneezing Tangle

  1. I could not think of one for this photo! Great job. I knew it would have to be in a creature’s perspective and I have done so many of those…I wrote a riddle instead!See you over at Madison’s blog!!!


  2. What fun imagery 🙂 I liked this – thanks for posting your link on my blog and jumping into the fun with us again this week!


  3. This exercise is very clever, and simple (as the best are) and I like it a lot. The story you came up with has charm and I like the sinuous movement you gave to the branches which reflects the picture rather well and adds rhythm to your piece. Well done, Tiyana.


  4. I’m not quite sure what to think of this one. 😀

    I am reminded of those palm trees in Hawai’i(?) which can only be pollinated by very brave natives…I remember one particular video of a man pollinating one high up on a HUGELY tall cliff. I can imagine Kitty in this similar situation…and yes, that’s a big spalsh.

    Not sure about the sneezing sky. 😆


    • LoL

      Well, the sky isn’t sneezing, silly; it’s the trees!

      Have you ever stood beneath a tree and just felt something wet fall onto you (and it wasn’t bird poop)? I guess that’s where I got the idea from because that happened to me once. Maybe it was just sap or something, but it smelled funny…

      But anyways, yes, this is pure fancy, so I guess you just have to make of it what you will!


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