Vintage Military Videos: WWII, Secret Agents & the OSS

I don’t know why I’m just now discovering this, but I came across this website today called Real Military Videos and it’s got some really interesting content!  They have some vintage OSS instructional videos–very relevant to my fiction.

I know I can’t research every little detail in my (fantasy) novel and I don’t get a whole lot into the more involved aspects that comes with real espionage–tradecraft, namely; I’m taking a pretty fanciful approach, to be honest…but I really can’t believe I’d never thought to look up “OSS agent training” before.


Well, I’m sure to pick up some good stuff now, at least, and am likely to find some information that could help me take some of my ideas to the next level, you know?  It’s not too late, as I’m still in the first editing stages and haven’t made any extensive changes to the manuscript just yet, aside from my first chapter.  So long as I don’t spend ages dabbling in this stuff, heh (big temptation there).

What is the OSS?

Well, before there was the CIA there was something called the Office of Strategic Services, or the OSS.  It came about during WWII and didn’t last very long, from 1942 to 1945, and is known as “America’s first intelligence agency.”  (The CIA was subsequently formed in 1947.)  You can read more about it here, if you’re interested.


Here’s a link to the first of the instructional videos I was talking about before.  It’s pretty neat to be able to go back in time via cinematography!

Anyways, you never know who else might be interested in this stuff, so I thought I’d just share.


4 thoughts on “Vintage Military Videos: WWII, Secret Agents & the OSS

  1. WOW it’s amazing how much info is out there on the internet! This stuff would have been difficult to track down just years ago. I still remember looking at microfilm in the library archives when I was in high school.


  2. The O.S.S. gets used a lot in WWII revisionist fantasies… For instance in the game “Return to Castle Wolfenstein”, you play an OSS agent sent into Nazi Germany to put a stop to their attempts to create an army of unholy undead super-soldiers… Nothing says Zombies like Nazis…

    The fact that the OSS is a real organization of that time only makes it better.


    • Haha, that sounds like a hoot. Seems like something Cherie Priest might write about if she went dieselpunk–a super-secret female OSS agent battling zombies, heh.

      Thanks for sharing, Stephen!


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