Okay, so tonight I just saw Thor.

It was pretty cool–funny, entertaining, action-y with a bit o’ romance (and explosions)…all the things you could possibly want from a movie (though, sorry, minus the classic car chase scene)–but I felt the ending was expected from the very beginning.  I never really got the sense that Thor was ever in that much danger.

But that’s just me.  (And I never read the comic books, so it’s not like I had any foresight into his character to begin with.  My dad, however, was a big comic book reader, so I have him to inform me of all the little ways the movies alters from the original stories or hits them spot-on–because he’s nitpicky like that.  So yes, Dad was the one who wanted to see the movie the most out of the family.)

And since I’m not really one to write full movie reviews…that’s pretty much all I have to say about Thor.

What I am excited to talk about is another upcoming movie with yet another classic comic hero who was featured during the previews: Captain America.

Okay–Confession Time

Again, I say I never read these comic books, folks.  It just wasn’t part of my life.  (If my dad still has his old comics books, he’s never shared them with me. So I blame it on him!)  My closest experience with Captain America was in the early Nintendo games.  I was really young then, and all I could ever manage to do in the one title I owned was throw his shield around and jump all over the place.

I think I had a better time with Kirby, to be honest.  (He was big, round and pink, and he incessantly puffed his enemies away.  *shrugs* What can I say?  He had that rare kind of appeal.)

Nevertheless, I’m still entirely excited to see Captain America.


Well, remember when we were talking about dieselpunk, and I was kind of whining about how nothing cool and set during that era (1920s to 1950s) was being produced in film or fiction?  (At least not that I know of; I’d love some updates if there are.) *ehem*


At least temporarily.

Because folks, the upcoming film Captain America is totally dieselpunk.  Check this, if you haven’t already:

(Okay, I just totally went all ecstatic inside while watching that, even though I’ve seen it several times before.)

Now, if I have to explain why this is dieselpunk, then you clearly do not understand what this movement is all about.  (All right, maybe I’m just being mean now.)

One of the coolest things, imo, that this movie has going for it–and I’m coming from the perspective of someone who has no attachment to the original comics–is the use of technology.  They’re using it to engineer a super soldier to fight Hitler and his Nazis, for one.

How cool is that?

And have you seen the automobiles?  They practically scream dieselpunk.  Not to mention the brief shot of that sleek-looking aircraft flying in.  And those costume designs…

Basically everything about this movie says dieselpunk.  (And holy moly!  I just learned Joss Whedon is contributing to the script.  Now I absolutely have to see this movie.)

So maybe my reasons for wanting to see this film are more stylistic than because I’m actually a hardcore fan of the character (which I’m not).  I’m a stylist at heart.  Though, don’t get me wrong: I appreciate substance just as much as the next gal.

With that said, I hope that when Captain America does hit the theatres it delivers on all levels.

What Do You Think?

Have you seen Thor?  What was your reaction to it?  Also, is anyone else looking forward to seeing Captain America, as well?



  1. I’d like to see Thor eventually… I was sorta a comic book nerd back in the day… I still have all my old X-men comics.

    Never really got too into Thor and Captain America (although I had the video game too). But I’d like to check it out… the diesel punk scene has a lot of potential.


    • Hi, Austin!

      I wish I’d grown up on comic books. 😦 I think I would have loved it. (Too broke to buy any at the moment, lol.)

      Wasn’t too fond of Thor, either, going into the movie, but it turned out better than I thought it would. Just the minor deal with how super powerful he really was…but in the end it was still great entertainment. 🙂 I hope Captain America follows suit–right up there with the first Iron Man!


  2. I’m much more looking forward to Capt. America than to Thor. And for pretty much the exact reasons you discuss in your post. I had some (limited) exposure to comics as a child… but I have no real connection to the character there. (I never read a Capt. A. comic – only ever actually read Spider-man, Superman, and Batman, and those only very, very rarely. I was usually more connected to comics characters, even from my youngest days, through cartoon and film adaptations than through the comics themselves.) But the retro-futuristic/historical setting of Capt. A. is very slick and wonderful looking.


    • Yeah, I was more into the cartoons, as well.

      I’m really glad they’re making these comic-book-hero movies now, though, because I think it’s a fantastic way of engaging the younger generations in (or even introducing them to) that whole world. We love larger-than-life movies!

      And popcorn. Lots of buttery popcorn. (But I could just be speaking for myself now, heh.)


  3. I’m not that excited about Cap, and I didn’t see Thor. I probably wouldn’t have seen Iron Man if Downey hadn’t been in it. (And I started reading Marvel comics in 1965.)

    The problem with a lot of these, for me, is that it’s a real boy’s club. Avengers without the Wasp or the Scarlet Witch? It’s going to be a bunch of big bruisers and probably 2.5 minutes of Black Widow (and SJ’s few seconds of action in Iron Man weren’t world-shattering).

    X-men has always had a more interesting mix of male/female (and in the new one — tomorrow — we get Emma Frost! Finally!)

    Mostly to get interesting and powerful female superheroes, you have to go outside the Marvel/DC mainstream, to things like Resident Evil and Kick-Ass.


    • Ha! It would be nice to see more female action heroes. Jaimie Alexander’s role in Thor was pretty low-key, though I’m glad she was a least somewhat featured in a couple of minor scenes here and there (I think she’s so lovely!) and, thank God, wasn’t dressed like a skank, haha.

      Black Widow’s character did seem to receive a kind of male-ish treatment in Iron Man 2, like the only thing interesting about her was the fact that she could kick some butt and looked incredibly good doing it, heh. It’d be nice to see some more development in those types of characters on the movie screen.

      I wasn’t looking forward to the new X-men movie, actually, but…idk. It seems to be getting some very favorable reviews from critics, at least. (Yes, I actually listen to what they have to say.)

      In any case, this summer’s lineup of superhero movies will prove to be interesting, me thinks.


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