Artwork by Jack Vettriano

Hey, turns out I’m getting a lot more done for school than I expected to!

Caught myself tonight revisiting an artist I discovered a while back.  I love the retro, sultry imagery he conveys in his paintings.  Some of these have inspired certain scenes in my novel–and lots of future ones to come.

Anyway, here are some of my favorite pieces from the artist:

After Midnight (Study). Jack Vettriano.

 Someone doesn’t want to go home tonight…
Woman: (coyly) “Say, I’ve never tried a cigarette before.  Is it safe?”
Man: “Well, it’s not like they bite, doll.  So go on…be the judge.”

Altar Of Memory. Jack Vettriano.

 Yeah, I totally based a character on that man–a not-quite-mad scientist who is madly in love.  (Will he ever cross the line?)  He even wears expensive suits and slicks his hair back.  Because that’s how he rolls: deep in dough.

The Drifter. Jack Vettriano.

Another image I’ve kept in mind while writing about another one of my characters (minus the cigarette); he’s a loner.  Kind of reminds me a little of “The Wanderer,” like a more modern version:

The Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog. Caspar David Friedrich.

And one last one from Vettriano: 

Angel. Jack Vettriano.

And now I can happily drift off into sleepy land…

*     *     *

Do you have any examples of artwork that inspire you?


2 thoughts on “Artwork by Jack Vettriano

    • Hi, Abby! Some of those painting look very real. It always amazes me what artists are capable of.

      Those are all very lovely! Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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