Just a Heads Up:

13 Mar

>I’ve come to the realization that the topic of worldbuliding is far too complex to cover in just one or two posts–not in any detailed and practical way, anyhow.  Though trust me, I tried.  (I mean, what was I thinking?  Really.)

So here’s what I’m gonna do: Normally I try to post something only on Wednesdays, but since this topic is so diverse and has so many interesting things to talk about, I’m going to post something each day this week starting on Monday.  Consider it a series on worldbuilding!  It should be fun.

And since I’m on Spring Break this week, I can actually afford the splurge.  (Besides, I’ve got most of it written already.)

Okay, so that’s all for now. 🙂  Have a Happy Sunday!



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