Posting Days: Now on Wednesdays

>I thought I’d let readers know: I’m going to try to post something new on Wednesdays, from now on.  Between Monday and Wednesday morning I usually bunker down on school projects I’ve been slacking on, heh, or just need more work on.  By Wednesday evening I’m thoroughly pooped and homework is the absolute last thing I want to think about.  Blogging provides a nice distraction to the daily grind, you know.  (Plus, if I do get free time, I can write my next entry ahead of time and come back later to edit it.  Not that you really care about these things.)

If I tried to write something every day I’d run out of things to say.  Worse, I’d fail my classes, never see the light of day, and would never become the amazing interior designer I’d so much like to become.  (I’ve put a lot of thought into my posts, so far, and sometimes they take longer to write than I first expected.)

So Wednesdays.  Expect new posts on Wednesdays, from now on.  You can write something amazing in the meantime. 😉